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January 24, 2024
SSW Depots (added Pritchett, TX), SP Equipment (updated SP 10213) and SP Hollywood (added Repo Chick and Emergency! - The Girl on the Balance Beam)

December 17, 2023
SP Hollywood (added Midnight Limited and Son of Dracula), SP Cabooses (updaed SSW 2325), SP Models HO (added Speedwitch A-50-11 auto box)

September 23, 2023
SP Equipment (updated business cars 99 Houston, 140 Stanford, and 150 Los Angeles)

September 16, 2023
PE Equipment (added Arrowhead shelter and South Pasadena shelter at Fair Oaks/Mound Avenue; updated Raymond Hill shelter to South Pasadena)

August 14, 2023
SP HO Models (added Rapido SP B-50-15 and B-50-16 box cars; and Tangent Scale Models SP B-50-28 through B-50-32 box cars, and SSW Postwar steel boxcars)

July 4, 2023
SP HO Models (added Shapeways - 3D Locomotives & Trucks), SP N Models (updated Kato Morning Daylight passenger cars, and added Shapeways - 3D Locomotives & Trucks)

April 23, 2023
SP Stuctures (added freight depot in Reno, NV), SP Cabooses (added SP 1848)

March 12, 2023
SP Equipment (updated multiple pieces, and added Nevada-California-Oregon thanks to Tom Eikerenkotter), SP Steam (updated SP 2479)

January 8, 2023
SP Structures (added historic palm tree of Los Angeles)

December 16, 2022
SP Cabooses (updated un-numbered caboose in Schertz, TX), SP Equipment (updated all dome lounge cars)

December 9, 2022
SP Depots (updated Poth, TX, and Richmond, TX)

November 20, 2022
SP Cabooses (added SP 1121), SP Depots (added Kerman, CA; updated Patterson, CA), SP Equipment (Added the Pikes Peak Historical Street Railway Foundation and the Texas Compound), SP HO Models (added depot kits from Espee Models), SP N Models (added depot kit from Espee Models), SP Structures (section house in Selma, CA was demolished; added section house in Folsom, CA)

September 22, 2022
SP Depots (revised Hanford, CA; removed Magalia, CA, destroyed during the Camp Fire in 2018), SP Cabooses (removed link to American Railway Caboose Historical Educational Society since it no longer exists), SP Equipment (added SP 5468)

September 10, 2022
SP Equipment (added C415, Mexico)

July 29, 2022
HO Models (added Tangent B-70-42 and B-70-43 box cars)

July 17, 2022
HO Models (added Plate C Model Prototypes)

May 30, 2022
SP Equipment (added business car, Stanford)

April 10, 2022
SP Depots (revised Alturas), SP Structures (added NCO General Office building in Alturas, CA)

March 23, 2022
SP Structures (added bridge, Wadsworth, NV)

March 11, 2022
SP Caboose (added SP 1193), SP Models N (added Voltscooter Engineering, stock cars)

February 6, 2022
SP Surviving Equipment (updated SP 3605 dome car)

January 30, 2022
SP HO Models (added Yarmouth, kits, carbodies under steel box cars; also comments by Tim O'Connor)

January 9, 2022
SP HO Models (added Rapido B-100-40)

November 25, 2021
SP Videos (added Tehachapi Remembered: Through the Lens of Harvey Laner; Railfanning Cajon and Tehachapi: 1976-1993; SP When; SP Scrapbook; and SP by the Bay: A Thirty Year Look)

November 21, 2021
SP Cabooses (added SP 1746)

October 17, 2021
SP Cabooses (added SP 1761)

August 6 2021
SP Cabooses (added SP 1791)

March 27, 2021
SP Poetry (added Jimmie Gates), SP Hollywood (added Chandler), SP Cabooses (updated several SSW cabooses)

February 20, 2021
SP Cabooses (revised SP 384)

December 17, 2020
SP Structures (added steel truss bridge; Winters, CA)

December 11, 2020
SP Videos (added The Battle for Donner Pass and Snow on the Run)

December 4, 2020
SP Cabooses (added SP 4656, updated several cabooses), SP Hollywood (added The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle)

November 13, 2020
SP Depots (updated several in Oregon), SP Structures (added three Oregon Red Electric substations)

November 7, 2020
SP Equipment (added Virginia & Truckee 17)

October 4, 2020
PE Equipment (removed Hansen shelter, replaced it with Stanton depot; revised multiple locations)

September 30, 2020
SP Cabooses (added SP 1313; updated SP 1360)

September 20, 2020
SP Depots (updated many Texas depots; removed Eagle Lake, TX, destroyed by fire in 1911), SP Equipment (added Central Pacific 12 coach)

September 18, 2020
SP Cabooses (added SP 373), SP Hollywood (added I Love You Again), SP Structures (updated Museum of the American Railroad), SP Videos (added Southern Pacific Steam Power in the Shop and on the Road: November 26, 1929, and Southern Pacific Cab Forward - train 58 snagging mail on the fly - Saugus, CA)

September 12, 20202
SP Hollywood (added Divorce, The Senator was Indescreet, and Sorority House)

August 15, 2020
SP Hollywood (added Clash By Night)

August 1, 2020
SP Cabooses (added SP 1022)

July 24, 2020
SP Hollywood (added The Rockford Files)

July 19, 2020
SP Cabooses (added SP 1067), SP Hollywood (added One More Tomorrow), SP Structures (added car and signalmen and fuel room building, Santa Barbara)

June 27
C&C Depots (depot at Dayton, Nevada destroyed by arson fire)

June 5, 2020
SP HO Models (added 3 HOn3 cars from Western Rails Company and PFE R-30-9 from Resin Car Works), SP Hollywood (added The Footloose Heiress and Sex Kittens Go to College)

March 15, 2020
SP Steam (SP 1744 now owned by Niles Canyon Railway), SP Cabooses (added SP 1128 and SP 4604)

December 26, 2019
SP Cabooses (added SP 350), SP Hollywood (added Wild Seed and Without Reservations)

December 1, 2019
SP Equipment (added SW-8 SP 1120)

November 28, 2019
SP Cabooses (added SP 414 and SP 1092), SP depots (updated several locations)

November 14, 2019
SP Surviving Equipment (added SPNG 354)

September 23, 2019
SP Cabooses (added SP 1974)

September 13, 2019
NWP Depots (updated several depots), SP Equipment (added Roots of Motive Power and Baldo Locomotive Works)

August 11, 2019
SP Surviving Depots (removed Holtville, CA - burned down in 2005 due to electrical fire; added Sentinel, AZ - in danger of being demolished)

August 4, 2019
SP Cabooses (updated location of SP 4649)

June 20, 2019
SP Equipment (added San Antonio Railroad Heritage Museum, and two business cars located there - Alamo and Dixie)

June 9, 2019
SP HO Models (updated Union Station Products), SP N Models (updated Union Station Products)

May 24, 2019
SP Equipment (added SP 2955, SP 9021, SP 9201), SP HO Models (added Shapeways - Central Pacific Commissioners Car), SP Structures (added EP&SW freight house in El Paso, TX)

May 19, 2019
SP depots (updated depots in Nevada), SP in the Movies (added The Dawn Patrol 1938, Desperate Journey, and Montana Moon)

May 17, 2019
SP Cabooses (added SP 4034 and SP 4618, updated SP 1281), SP Equipment (added PFE 300944), SP N scale Models (added Shapeways locomotive details and phone booth, and added Wheels of Time 1937 chair car, bulkhead flat cars, and 50' insulated box cars for SP and SSW)

March 10, 2019
SP Steam (updated SP 1227)

January 27, 2019
SP Videos (added Pacific Electric and Los Angeles Railway (1940-1963))

January 16, 2019
SP Cabooses (added SP 1233; revised SSW 48), SP Models N (added specials by George Hollwedel; B-50-24 express boxcars, Pullman 3-pack, O-50-7 diesel fuel service tank cars, and PFE BR-40-1 express reefers,), SP Videos (added videos by NWPRRHS)

December 28, 2018
SP Cabooses (added SSW 10, class C-40-8), SP Equipment (updated SP 10 RDC, SP 109 Business Car "Shasta", SP 4630 diesel locomotive, and AE 453 passenger car. Added SP 127 "Alamo" business car, SP 358973 sugar beet gondola and Museum of the American Railroad), SP N Models (added special run of 2-bay hoppers by George Hollwedel), SP Surviving Depots (added freight depot, Jennings, LA), SP Structures (added section house in Fillmore, CA)

September 22, 2018
SP in the Movies (added Out West with the Peppers, The Unsuspected)

August 28, 2018
Index (added link to new book, Southern Pacific and the San Fernando Valley: 1876-1996)

July 21, 2018
SP Videos (added to Video Rails: Beaumont Hills, Cab Ride Video Beaumont Hill; added to Pentrex: Best of 1984, Best of 1985, Best of 1986, and Tehachapi)

June 19, 2018
SSW Depots (updated Leachville, AR as it is standing)

March 9, 2018
SP Depots (updated Anna, TX); SP HO Models (add Westerfield to NWP section)

January 6, 2018
SSW Depots (Ed Cooper provided updates, added wheel shop at Pine Bluff, AR)

December 9, 2017
SP in the Movies (updated information on Murder in the Private Car; added Meet the Baron), SP Cabooses (updated SSW 49), SP HO Models (added Owl Mountain F-50 series flatcars and Westerfield S-40-2 stock car), and
SP N Models (added Southern Pacific B-50-24 Express box cars, deleted Micro-Trains diner SP 10040 as it is a Pennsylvania RR prototype)

September 4, 2017
SP Cabooses (Honey's Miller moved to new address)

September 2, 2017
SP Cabooses (added SP 507 and SP 1179), SP depots (removed 2 depots: Edison, CA - destroyed by fire about August 10, 2017; Pixley, CA - roof and walls collapsed), SSW Structures (added SSW office building in Tyler, TX)

August 6, 2017
SP N Models (added Micro-Trains heavyweight diner SP 10040)

July 15, 2017
SP Videos (added Youtube: 10 Year Photo Essay by John Free, and Steam locomotives--outtakes), SP in the Movies (added Louisa)

July 1, 2017
SP HO Models (removed Proto 2000 50' double door autobox (SP A-50-14) and 50' single door boxcar (SP B-50-22); both lack the double row of rivets necessary to model SP classes), SP in the Movies (added Abba in Concert, Broadway Bill, and Powderkeg)

June 18, 2017
SP in the Movies (added Batman and Robin and The Walking Dead), SP HO Models (added Centralia Car Shops/Intermountain C-40-4 caboose, Athearn Genesis C-50-4 and C-50-8 cabooses)

June 4, 2017
SP HO Models (added Shapeways C-40-1 and C-40-3 cabooses), SP N Models (added Shapeways C-40-3 caboose), SP Structures (added engine house at Weed, CA), SP in the Movies (added The Fugutive TV show, Mannix TV show, Pee Wee's Big Adventure, Laverne and Shirley TV show, and State Trooper: The Cash Out)

March 26, 2017
SP in the Movies (added State Trooper: Cinder Junction and The Twilight Zone: The Hitchhiker), SP Models HO (added Wheels of Time flat cars with and without bulkheads)

February 20, 2017
SP Cabooses (updated SSW caboose list)

January 1, 2017
SP Equipment (updated San Luis Obispo Railroad Museum equipment list), SP Cabooses (added SP 244)

December 26, 2016
SP in the Movies (The Second Hundred Years TV Pilot pt. 2, Old Gray Hoss, Bad Little Angel, Wings, and Spy Train)

December 10, 2016
SP Cabooses (added SP 1093), SP Depots (removed Estelle, CA), SP Structures (added foremans section house at Estelle, CA, and Palmdale, CA),
SP in the Movies (added Submarine Alert, Prison Break), SP Videos (added Your Colorful Southern Pacific, Freight & Cargo On The Southern Pacific Railroad, Progress Through Safety, This is Piggy-back, and 1954 Union Depot)

November 25, 2016
SP in the Movies (added The West-Bound Limited), SP Stuctures (added Lodge, Pavilion, and Trestle to Cloudcroft, NM), SP Videos (added California Railroads in the 1980s and Southern Pacific Steam in the 1950s)

October 29, 2016
SP Videos (added Big Trains Rolling and Southern Pacific et al), SP in the Movies (added I was a Communist for the FBI, Singing in the Rain, The World Gone Mad, Career, The Tattered Dress)

October 21, 2016
SP Cabooses (added SP 1136)

Sept 17, 2016
SP Depots (Long Beach depot, destroyed by arson fire, Sept 16, 2016)

August 21, 2016
SP HO Models (added Shapeways SPC caboose and Shapeways SPC structures; updated wheel trucks for Rio Grande Models)

July 8, 2016
SP in the Movies (added Route 66 - Across Walnuts and Wine, Highway Patrol - episode 54, The Getaway (1994), and Song of Arizona)

July 2, 2016
SP Models N (added Shapeways rotary plow)
SP Surviving Depots (added Hempstead, TX)
SP Videos (added Vintage Southern Pacific Cab Ride Footage; Island Mountain Tunnel Fire: Railroad Recovery Operation; The Orris D. Brown Collection, no. 6 - Houston, Henderson, and FDR (1936)]
SP in the Movies (added King of the Texas Rangers, Rails into Laramie, A Bride for Henry, Bells of Rosarita, The Crime of the d'Autremont Brothers, Harold and Maude, Rough Riders Roundup, Spacemaster X-7, Identity Unknown, and Without Warning)

May 27, 2016
SP Equipment (removed Nevada Commission for the Restoration of the V&T, interurban coaches sold to Timber Heritage Association; THA scrapped SP 2109)
SP Equipment (removed North Coast Railroad, lightweight passenger cars were sold to private owner; damaged cars SP 2385 and SP 10317 were scrapped)
SP Equipment (removed Yreka Western Railroad, two cars shipped to Oregon Coast Scenic and three cars were scrapped with parts sold to PLA and others)

May 2, 2016
SP Videos (added Charles Smiley Presents - Espee Hall of Fame)

April 18, 2016
SP Surviving Equipment (added SP 358835 to Orange Empire Railway Museum and updated USGX 354)

April 11, 2016
SP Models N (added Wheels of Time SSW 70-ton insulated boxcar; Shapeways 65,000 gallon steel water tank and tower), SP Models HO (added Shapeways 65,000 gallon steel water tank and tower)

January 24, 2016
SP Cabooses (added SP 4754), SP in the Movies (added A Millionaire for Christy and Plunder Road)

December 18, 2015
SP in the Movies (added Cry of the Hunted)

November 27, 2015
SP in the Movies (added The Grifters, and Highway Patrol "Train Robbery" and "Train Copter"); SP Models HO (added Wheels of Time, SP and SSW Piggy-Packer); SP Models N (updated Wheels of Time passenger cars; added SP and SSW Piggy-Packer)

November 26, 2015
SP in the Movies (added The Return of Casey Jones, Happy Land, and Highway Patrol "Blood Money")

November 25, 2015
SP Models HO (added Dry Creek Models, W-50-3 Hart convertible gondola); SP Models N (added George Hollwedel, T&NO 3-bay offset side hopper cars); SP in the Movies (added Used Cars, and Highway Patrol "Deadly Diamonds", "Express Delivery", "Gem Robbery" and "Hostage"); SP Videos (added Cotton Belt 819)

October 4, 2015
SP in the Movies (added The Sleeper, Red River, Gunfight at the OK Corral, Gunsight Ridge, Bulletproof, Here Comes the Groom, One More Chance, Girl Missing, Big Business Girl, Horse Shoes, and Bulletproof)

October 2, 2015
SSW Depots (added Cotton Belt Freight depot in St. Louis), SP Videos (added Ralph Story's Los Angeles and moved some items), SP in the Movies (added Always for Pleasure and Li'l Abner), SP Cabooses (revised SP 4639), SP Models HO (added Espee Models F-70-10 flat cars)

July 26, 2015
SP cabooses (unidentified SA&AP/T&NO caboose, New Iberia)

July 4, 2015
SP in the Movies (added Delightfully Dangersous, Gun Grit)

June 30, 2015
SP Structures (added Tulare Women's Hall)

June 28, 2015
PE Equipment (added Beverly Hills shelter), SP in the Movies (added Thrill Hunter, Pickup, When the Clouds Roll By, Mother's Joy, Be Reasonable, Cops, Again Pioneers)

May 22, 2015
SP in the Movies (added In Old Colorado, Lifestream of the City, Murder is My Beat, and The Showdown; updated Sinister Journey),
SP Models N (added BLMA 70 ton 52' gondola)

April 10, 2015
SP Models HO (added Exactrail Greenville 65' mill gondola)

March 16, 2015
NWP depots (updated depots with street addresses and renamed to include structures), SSW depots (renamed to include structures), Homepage (depots and structures are together)

March 6. 2015
SSW Depots (added original depot at Ashland, OR; updated depots by adding street addresses to surviving depots),
SP Structures (added Ashland Depot hotel, Salinas PMT warehouse and Salinas REA building)

February 26, 2015
SP Depots (updated dozens of depots in Arizona and California with street addresses; removed Bakersfield freight depot as it is no longer there; probably demolished after the fire in 2001);
SP Structures (added EP&SW YMCA building in Douglas, AZ)

February 22, 2015
Updated pages with information about from Tom Eikerenkotter (SP Cabooses and SP Equipment)

February 14, 2015
SP in the Movies (add 37 movies provided in a list by Tony Johnson)

February 13, 2015
SP Depots (updated Long Beach, CA, and Martinez, CA), SP in the Movies (added Defenders of the Law and False Colors), SP HO Models (added Union Station Products, kit 7379 and 7380),
SP Models N (added Union Station Products, kit 7379 and 7380)

January 31, 2015
SP in the Movies (added A Man's Land and Rainbow's End)

December 26, 2014
SP in the Movies (added Heart of Arizona), SP surviving depots (updated College Park, CA, Crockett, CA, and Lafayette, LA; removed Lake Charles, LA as the existing Amtrak station is not the SP depot);
SP Models HO (added SPHTS - F-70-7 piggyback flat car and 22' round-nose trailers)

November 23, 2014
PE Equipment (added Burlington substation), SP HO Models (added Tangent Models 60' GSC flatcar, and General American "Dry-Flo" covered hopper)

November 11, 2014
Moved entire website to coscia-espee.info; SP Cabooses (added SP 1229); SP in the Movies (added Lone Wolf - Avalanche Story, and Down Three Dark Streets)

November 7, 2014
SP Cabooses (added SP 1145)

September 1, 2014
SP in the Movies (added King of the Cowboys, and The Newton Boys), SP Videos (added to YouTube Northwestern Pacific Cabride and Redwood Empire Special)

July 4, 2014
SPNG depots (updated Dayton, NV); SP in the Movies (added Crash Out, and Speak Easily)

June 21, 2014
SP Videos (added Tehachapi - The SP and the Santa Fe Era)

April 25, 2014
SP HO Models (added Southwest Scale Productions, B-50-25 and -26 kits), SP Surviving Depots (depot and freight house at El Centro, CA, demolished July 2011)

April 5, 2014
SP in the Movies (Dust Be My Destiny, Pardon My Gun, Play Girl)

March 2, 2014
SP HO Models (added Athearn GATX TankTrain cars and SPH&TS bulkhead flatcars), SP N Models (added Fox Valley 5283-cubic foot double-door boxcars to SP and SSW)

February 26, 2014
SP Equipment (added SP 2986)

February 21, 2014
SP in the Movies (The Chase and Crime Patrol)

December 25, 2013
SP in the Movies (Get that Girl, Murder by Contract, and The Lineup);
SP Videos (to Pentrex, added SP Shasta Division, Southern Pacific Cab Forward Collection, and 4449 Daylight to the Fair);
SP Videos (to YouTube, added Pacific Electric's 1914 training film, When Winter Comes, and Snowstorm strands dozens on Donner Pass, 1952 newsreel)

September 22, 2013
SP in the Movies (Magic Rails to Yesterday, Steel Ribbon); SP HO models (Suydam interlocking tower); SSW Depots (Mt. Pleasant depot demolished September 2013)

September 2, 2013
SP in the Movies (Zorro Rides Again; Hell-Fire Austin; The Utah Trail; The Captive City; Highway Patrol - episode In Temptation; Sunset in the West)

July 26, 2013
PE Equipment (revised multiple listings)

May 17, 2013
SP Equipment (added SP 2498-2499), SP in the Movies (added Chicago Calling, So's Your Aunt Emma!, and Special Agent)

May 1, 2013
SP Equipment (SP 10277-10279 to Grapevine Vintage Railroad), SP in the Movies (added Gymnasium Jim; Buffalo Bill, Jr.; Texas Buddies; In Old Amarillo; and Teddy at the Throttle)

February 24, 2013
Models HO (added SPHTS F-70-10 piggyback flat), SP in the Movies (added The Light of Western Stars), SP Videos (under Greg Scholl Video, added SP Steam Fantrips)

December 16, 2012
SP Depots (Durham, CA, demolished)

November 12, 2012
PE Equipment (bridge at Redlands over across the Santa Ana River, south of Mountain View Avenue near the power plant; demolished)

October 20, 2012
LARy Equipment (removed South Park Shops; demolished in February 2011 and the site is now a high school and park),
SP Depots (Sanderson, TX, demolished October 2012), SP Equipment (added SP 1024 passenger combine),
SP Models HO (added Coast Daylight cars produced by Broadway Limited and MTH, and ExactRail wood chip gondola), SP Models N (added CG N Scale ventilated car),
SP Poetry (added Southern Pacific by Carl Sandburg), SP Structures (added H&TC stone bridge over Sloan Creek; Fairview, TX),
SP in the Movies (added Annie and the Brass Collar, Oh Susanna, The Return of Dracula, Squaw Man, Cowboy Serenade, Rancho Grande, Western Jamboree, Robin Hood of Texas, Trail Beyond, Fancy Pants, Roarin' Guns, and What theDoctor Ordered)

August 25, 2012
SP in the Movies (added Gold Mine in the Sky and Trains Gone Wild 2)

July 29, 2012
SP Cabooses (added SP 1513 and SP 4669), SP Depots (added Ivanhoe, CA), SP in the Movies (added The Band Wagon)

June 3, 2012
SP Models HO (added Showcase Miniatures CS #21 depot)

June 2, 2012
PE equipment (added PE 466), SP Models HO (rearranged info), SP Model N (added Bluford Shops), SP in the Movies (added The Girl in Lovers Lane, Down to Earth, Alibi Mark)

March 12, 2012
SP in the Movies (added Act of Violence, The Local Bad Man, Mystery Ranch, The Purchase Price, and San Quentin), SP Videos (added Tough Times on the Southern Pacific)

February 20, 2012
SP Equipment (added SPMW 7467), SP in the Movies (added Comrade X and Music is Magic)

January 22, 2012
PE Equipment (added Raymond Hotel shelter), SP Depots (Colton, CA depot demolished for railroad flyover), SP in the Movies (added Cry Danger)

December 18, 2011
PE Equipment (Etiwanda and Venice updated; Wingfoot demolished); SP Equipment (added Benicia passenger cars and updated Whistlestop Ranch equipment); SP in the Movies (added Dear Heart)

December 11, 2011
SP Equipment (added Meadow Lark); SP #22 Depots (moved Oakridge from Shasta to Portland Division)

December 4, 2011
SP Cabooses (updated unknown caboose, Indiana), SP Structures (added several section foreman houses), SP Models N (added T&NO steel boxcars by George Hollwedel)

October 8, 2011
SP Cabooses (updated NWP cabooses); SP Equipment (added SPNG 42, SPNG 84, and business car Santa Rosa); SP in the Movies (added Free and Easy; Scarecrow); SP HO models (added Silver Crash Car Works)

September 1, 2011
SP in the Movies (added Brainstorm and made revisions to several entries), SP Poetry (revised Travel), SP Equipment (added SP 125 business car), SP Structures (removed College Park tower, demolished in early 2000s)

July 31, 2011
SP in the Movies (added Sand), SP Videos (added Edison Motion Pictures), LARY Equipment (added 3072), SP Cabooses (SSW 2305 moved to Austin, TX)

June 25, 2011
SP in the Movies (added The Company She Keeps)

June 5, 2011
SP Equipment (added TNO 379 and Ferryboat "Santa Rosa." Galveston Railroad Museum scrapped F7A units SP 6309 and 6379 which were damaged by Hurricane Ike, and has obtained F7A units SP 6443 and TNO 365)

May 8, 2011
SP Depots (added Estelle, CA), SP Cabooses (added SP 1237), SP Equipment (added beet gondola at El Centro)

May 2, 2011
SP Equipment (added Carson & Colorado Railway, Inc.), SP Structures (added Mina scale house), SP Models HO (added Plan 320 Pullman day car)

April 15, 2011
SP Equipment (added SP 6792)

March 5, 2011
SP Poetry (added Stops along an American Dream)

February 25, 2011
SP in the Movies (added The Crooked Way and The Pilgrim), Home page (added link to Prototype RR images)

February 6, 2011
SP Cabooses (added SP 337), SP Models HO (added Rapido and Irishtracklayer kits)

December 28, 2010
SP Cabooses (added SP 1094 and SP 1188); SP Equipment (updated commute 2127)

December 10, 2010
PE Equipment (Bellflower depot restored); SP Models N (added N Scale Kits Company, Clejan spine car)

October 31, 2010
SP Models HO (Walthers wood caboose, Walthers Thrall gondola, and SPHTS bulkheads)

October 10, 2010
SP Mains and Branches (total upgrade); SP Equipment (updated sleepers)

September 17, 2010
Updated many pages, too much to track (1961 pre-fab metal depot at Tracy, CA razed in March 2010)

July 16, 2010
SP Models HO (added Banta Model Works kit for Port Costa Roundhouse)

June 27, 2010
SP in the Movies (added Hilda Crane and Human Desire); SP cabooses (added SP 1859); SP equipment (added SSW 71, revised Airslie); SP HO models (added AC-6)

May 2, 2010
SP Models HO (added Athearn MT-4 steam locomotive, and Sidetrack Laser kit of Arbuckle depot)

April 24, 2010
SP Models N (added InterMountain AC-12; Deluxe Innovations covered hopper), SP Models HO (added InterMountain covered hoppers)

March 7, 2010
SP Cabooses (added many NWP and updated SP)

March 5, 2010
SP Videos (added selections from YouTube)

February 1, 2010
SP Equipment (removed all standard gauge cabooses and also added business car "Airslie"), SP Cabooses (all surviving NWP, SP, and SSW cabooses were placed here)

January 24, 2010
SP Models HO (added Exact Rail, Tangent Scale Models, Wright Trak), SP Models N (added Intermountain - Centralia Shops passenger cars, ExactRail, Tangent Scale Models)

January 18, 2010
SP Equipment (updated caboose section)

November 21, 2009
SP Equipment (added Maritime Equipment)

September 7, 2009
SP Models N (added Micro-Trains C-50-9 caboose), SP in the Movies (added several movies)

July 18, 2009
SP Structures (updated Houston hospital), SP equipment (added SP 4649 caboose), SP videos (added Working on the Southern Pacific)

June 28, 2009
SP Surviving Equipment (added SP 142 business car; revised caboose list and added Railroad Resort Park)

June 21, 2009
SP Surviving Equipment (added Mid-Continent Railway Museum), SP Surviving Depots (deleted Casa Grande, AZ - destroyed by fire June 6, 2009; added Patterson, CA)

June 6, 2009
SP Videos (added Viewfinder - The Sacramento Railyards), SP Equipment (added SP 529 caboose)

March 28, 2009
SP in the Movies (added The Changeling, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), SP audio (added 4449! by Mobile Fidelity), SP models HO (added PE street car; Miniatures by Eric), SP models N (added PE streetcars; Miniatures by Eric), PE equipment (added Ontario Bus Depot; removed Toluca Yard as it has been developed for housing)

March 8, 2009
SP surviving depots (Litchfield, AZ moved to Goodyear for preservation), SP surviving structures (added Fire Lookout on Red Mountain)

February 13, 2009
SP equipment (added Electric locomotives - NWP 335, CP coach 29, NWP coach 105, SP coach 1165, SP caboose 4225), SP models HO (PFE mechanical reefers, Red Caboose R-70-15 and Intermountain R-70-20, Kato PS-2 covered hopper H-70-16 and -18)

October 13, 2008
SSW Depots (updated some minor errors), SSW customers (added industries at Weiner, Waldenburg, Fisher, Otwell, Gibson, and Jonesboro)

August 31, 2008
SP equipment (revised caboose list and added Laws RR Museum), SP in the Movies (added Adventures of Superman)

August 10, 2008
SP equipment (updated donations from CSRM to various groups)

July 26, 2008
SP video (added Heron Video Rail), SP models N (added AL&W lines and Kato covered hopper), SP models HO (added Westerfield B-50-2 with Van Dorn ends; added AL&W Lines structures/details)

June 20, 2008
RRindex (added Postcards of SFV page), SP depots (removed Tehachapi, destroyed by fire June 13, 2008), SP equipment (added O&C 1016, LTR&TC 24), SP Models HO (updated many SP and T&NO models), SP in the Movies (added The Roaring Twenties, The Defiant Ones, and Darby's Rangers), SP steam (updated T&NO 771), SP structures (added section tool house; Medford, OR)

April 27, 2008
SP equipment (updated GGRM)

April 20, 2008
SP in the Movies (updated "The Earth is Mine"), SP Models HO (added Atlas BLCX covered hopper), SP Models N (added Kato GS-4 and Morning Daylight cars)

April 6, 2008
SSW depots (Addison depot destroyed by fire March 8, 2008), SP in the Movies (added Whispering Smith Speaks), SP equipment (added SP 202250 double-door box car and SP 1029 cupola caboose)

March 7, 2008
SP steam (updated SP 1744), SP equipment (added SPM-5723), SP videos (added Southern Pacific's Coast Daylight Route)

February 17, 2008
SP videos (added The "Desert Princess"), SP equipment (SP 6777 and SP 10400 at Pike's Peak Historic Streetcar Museum)

January 13, 2008
SP equipment (SP 9001 passenger, SP 125433 boxcar, SSW 56822 boxcar), SP in the Movies (Criss-Cross, Jim Thorpe-All American, The Outsider (1961), While the City Sleeps, Little Fauss and Big Halsey)

December 21, 2007
SP depots (Moorpark, CA; added stand-in), SP equipment (WPRRM&C swapped SP caboose 4107 for CCT caboose 24)

November 4, 2007
SP depots (updated Globe, AZ)

September 30, 2007
SP videos (added PK's Provideo Services)

September 23, 2007
SP depots (updated Kosse, TX)

August 26, 2007
SP equipment (added SP 107 "Del Monte")

August 22, 2007
PE equipment (added PE 530, moved to OERM from cabin in Crestline, CA)

August 17, 2007
SP depots (added Mapleton, OR)

July 29, 2007
SP equipment (added Alaska Railroad; added SP 2486)

July 8, 2007
SP in the Movies (added Beverly Hills Cop II, Smokey and the Bandit, and Easy Rider), SP structures (bunkhouse in Sanderson, TX), SP equipment (added SP 4436, updated Western Railway Museum)

July 1, 2007
RRindex (added link to Orange Empire Railway Museum), Railroad poetry (added T&NO Blues)

June 17, 2007
SP depots (removed Canoga Park, CA - demolition completed Feb. 2007; Flatonia, TX - severely damaged by wind storm June 3, 2007), SP equipment (added NWP 55, O&C 1014, SP 9012)

May 28, 2007
SP equipment (added SP 1303), SP in the Movies (added "Killer of Sheep"), SP models HO (added Bruce Barney)

May 18, 2007
SP equipment (added NRHS - Yaquina Pacific Railroad)

April 14, 2007
SP models HO (added several Muir Model kits), SP models N (added Mocalova Models), SP equipment (added two sites: Duncan Mills Depot and Santa Rosa Depot), SP depots (CA, updated Montague and added its freight shed)

April 1, 2007
SP equipment (added Antique Powerland Museum, updated NRHS - PNWC)

March 25, 2007
PE equipment (added Vineland substation in Baldwin Park), SP depots (removed Chandler, AZ - demolished), SP equipment (added several NWP and NWPMW cars, SSW drover caboose)

February 25, 2007
SP equipment (updated all steam wreckers)

February 16, 2006
SP equipment and SP Steam (updated equipment formerly at Golden Gate RR Museum)

February 11, 2007
SP equipment (added NWP 611 at Railtown), PE equipment (added structures in Santa Monica and Venice)

February 6, 2007
SP models HO (added Intermountain AC-12), SP models N (updated many kits), SP equipment (NWP 37 and 38 coaches)

January 26, 2007
LARy equipment (added Inglewood substation)

January 20, 2007
PE equipment (added Wingfoot depot), C&C depots (added Owenyo, photo of first depot)

January 14, 2007
SP equipment (updated Petaluma & Santa Rosa 1 and RDC-1)

January 1, 2007
SP videos (add Charles Smiley, Scarlet and Gray Memories)

December 17, 2006
SP depots (added Rillito, AZ), SP Videos (added Scholl - Southern Pacific Vintage Steam)

December 3, 2006
C&C depots (added Luning, and redid entire page), SP depots (added CA, Canoga Park freight, and AZ, Litchfield; both threatened with demolition)

November 18, 2006
SPNG depots (added and updated several stations, especially Mt. Whitney)

November 12, 2006
RRindex (added link to RecycleStore), SP models HO (updated Sunshine, Stewart, Westerfield, and Funaro & Carmelengo)

October 24, 2006
SP equipment (added Pacific Railcar Museum)

October 11, 2006
SP models HO (added Thomas A. York Ent. Model), LARy equipment (updated LARy 1435, minor changes on remainder of page)

September 17, 2006
SP models HO (added Amarillo Railroad Museum; added comments by Tim O'Connor)

August 31, 2006
SP models HO (updated kits by American Model Builders)

August 13, 2006
SP Depots (deleted Coquille, OR; demolished circa 2000), SPNG Depots (updated Queens and Manzanar)

July 24, 2006
SP models N (added Rock Island "Golden State" equipment), SP models HO (added Speedwitch models), Depots in Mexico (updated Agua Prieta), SP equipment (updated Pacific Locomotive Association and Golden Gate Railroad Museum)

June 10, 2006
SP depots (Waco freight, destroyed by fire June 10, 2006), SP HO Models (added Palms Station), SP structures (added Keeler, CA water tank)

May 19, 2006
RRIndex (added link to Art Fisher), SP equipment (updated dome cars, various locations)

May 6, 2006
SP depots (updated New Mexico depots; removed Winnemucca, NV)

April 14, 2006
SP depots (updated Millbrae, Fremont, Mulford, and Petaluma freight. Removed Castroville: demolished and site to be redeveloped)

April 10, 2006
SSW customers (massive update from forgotten email), RRindex (removed broken links)

April 6, 2006
SP Models HO (added Alpine Models under PE structures and SP structures), SP in the Movies (added Pearl Harbor), Steam Rosters - Added Fred Stindt rosters for 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, and 1959.

February 19, 2006
SP Videos (added 4449 and Lowe DVD's to Machines of Iron), SP Models HO (Trout Creek HOn3 flatcar)

January 29, 2006
SP steam (updated SP 1215, now at San Jose), SP equipment (Portola Museum now the Western Pacific Railroad Museum and Collection)

January 28, 2006
SP models N (added George Hollwedel models - gondola, REA boxcar, and two sets of cabooses), SP models HO (added SPHTS model, G-50-13; Dan Hall boxcar doors)

January 14, 2006
Espee Movies (updated several films, added "The Lucky Texan")

December 21, 2005
Espee Movies (added Now or Never; updated 3:10 to Yuma)

December 17, 2005
added Espee in the Movies page

December 11, 2005
SP videos (added Tehachapi: Eve of Change)

December 4, 2005
SP surviving depots (added Waterford, CA, and Woodville, OR)

November 6, 2005
PE equipment (updated Argentina equipment), Railroad poetry (Ridin' the Cotton Belt by Johnny Cash), SP equipment (added "Clover Colony")

October 18, 2005
My site moved to http://webpages.charter.net/altalair/; SP equipment (SP 4004 sold from Portola RR Museum to Southwest RR Museum), SP steam (SP 2467 moved from Golden Gate RR Museum to California State RR Museum)(on a sad note, GGRM lost its land and is looking for a home), SSW depots (Oglesby burned down, Oct 4, 2005), SP models HO (added Mather stockcars, F-70-7 flatcars; H-70-16 and H-100-21 covered hoppers; H-100-42 Orton open hoppers, and a section on passenger interiors)

August 29, 2005
SP surviving depots (added Jacumba, CA; updated Dinuba, CA)

July 26, 2005
SP models HO (added Terry Wegmann PFE kits, Century Foundry kits, and American Limited Model kits)

July 18, 2005
SP equipment (added SP 1218 to Pacific Locomotive Association), Depots in Mexico (added photo links)

July 11, 2005
LARy equipment (added South Park Shops), SP depots (added Florence, AZ), PE equipment (added Pasadena motor coach barn), SP steam (TNO 982 moved from a park to a street), SSW depots (updated Waco passenger and freight depots), SP videos (added Tehachapi: End of an era, and Daylight: Most Beautiful Train in the World)

June 29, 2005
Depots in Mexico (revised info for depots; footnoted information and clarified sources of same)

June 27, 2005
homepage (added page; depots of SP subsidiaries in Mexico), SP depots (removed Tecate, Sonora, Mex; added Earlimart, CA, and Palms, CA)

May 30, 2005
SP branches (added SPdeM and Nacozari; put all Mexican lines together)

May 2, 2005
SP depots (added Tecate, Sonora, Mexico), SP structures (added Hotel Playa de Cortes, Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico; added Elsie, OR, water tank; deleted Laws, CA, water tank, it fell March 6, 2005)

April 16, 2005
homepage (deleted link to Golden Spike Rail, added link to Julio Cesar Photography), SP steam (updated TNO 745, in running order thanks to Louisiana Steam Train Association)

March 25, 2005
SP structures (moved Black Butte and Grass Lake from Oregon to California, they were mislabeled; deleted Topock, AZ, it is ATSF; added Enright, OR and Waelder, TX), SSW depots (added Piggott, Arkansas still standing)

February 12, 2005
SP models HO (added Red Caboose Evans coil, update Branchline and Walthers passenger cars), SP models N (update Des Plains passenger cars)

January 31, 2005
SP depots (Durham, CA is Espee, so get a sandwich at the shop, a CS#22 with stucco), Railroad poetry (added Railway to the Clouds by Chris Tobar)

January 17, 2005
SP depots (removed Armona, CA - no longer exists; removed Durham, CA - sandwich shop is freight portion of a Sacramento Northern depot, passenger section is a house; added Locke, CA freight house), NWP depots (added second Larkspur depot, and updated both), SP equipment (updated PLA, all equipment moved from Oakland to Niles Canyon; moved SP 5623 to PLA; added TNO 911)

January 3, 2005
SP equipment (updated Portola, added TR6A), SP depots (updated Hanford and Redding)

December 4, 2004
SP equipment (fixed swap of suburban coaches between CSRM and Niles Canyon; updated SP 4423 at Niles; added PFE locomotive and SP 10400), PE equipment (added Mission Road Viaduct)

November 11, 2004
NWP depots (updated Larkspur), SP depots (updated Yuba City, CA)

October 1, 2004
SP equipment (added Martin Hansen; updated CSRM and added Railtown 1897 courtesy of Kyle Wyatt); SP depots (deleted Menlo Park freight, CA - demolished long ago, model railroad uses REA depot; Deming, NM - moved)

September 18, 2004
SP Equipment (GGRM - removed SD45, added 6608 econo bag), HO Models (added MDC gondola), SP depots (Cottage Grove, OR, razed, added TX - Seguin and San Leon, updated California - Yountville, St. Helena, Rutherford, Benicia, and Durham)

August 10, 2004
SP equipment (added Juniata Terminal Co.), SPdepots (added Paige, Texas), SP structures (updated Tower 17)

August 2, 2004
SP equipment (added SP 2467-2468), SP depots (Perrydale, OR; was to be moved and restored, not feasible due to massive dry rot and other structural problems)

July 12, 2004
SP videos (added Freedom Train to MLMP), SP models N (added Union Station Products)

July 10, 2004
SP models HO (added Budd cars by Union Station Products)

July 8, 2004
SP models HO (added Hi-Tech concrete phone booth, Walthers bi-level commute cars)

July 6, 2004
SP videos (added Mainline Motion Pictures), SP structures (removed Lenzen St. Yard roundhouse, table, and water tower, since dismantled over several years, per CRTC.org), SP equipment (added SP 1201, and SP 3885, both diesels), SP depots (added Loomis, not destroyed, moved; Monterey freight - demolished by city)

July 1, 2004
SP Branches (updated Tucson and Rio Grande Divisions, info from Bob Knoll)

June 6, 2004
SP Depots (added Monroe, OR, and updated several other OR depots), SP equipment (added SP 1000 to CSRM)

May 16, 2004
SP Depots (added Pixley, CA), Railroad Lyrics (added Train Driver)

April 26, 2004
SP equipment (added Turlock Western equipment), PE equipment (added substation #2 in Pasadena)

April 8, 2004
SP Models HO (added Southern Car and Foundry Harriman cars, and Walthers C-30-1 caboose), SP depots (updated Tangent, OR), SP equipment (updated business car Pine Bluff and SP 292)

March 7, 2004
SP Audio (added Farewell to Steam), LARy Equipment (added LARy 521), PE equipment (added PE 680), SP structures (added foreman houses at Caliente and Tipton), SP equipment (PLA Niles Canyon - NW2 and two suburban coaches)

January 30, 2004
PE Equipment (updated PE 4601), SP structures (added two shelter shed-storerooms from latest issue of SPHTS Trainline)

January 11, 2004
home page (added link to Santa Cruz Collage; SP audio cd's), SP audio (added 2 cd set Robin Haas)

December 31, 2003
SP equipment (numerous changes to PLA Niles, and transfer of 2101 and 2118 to CSRM)

November 23, 2003
SP Audio (added Daylight Sales); SP equipment (added SP 4423 to Niles Canyon), SP Steam (updated CP 233; sold by Niles Canyon to CSRM)

November 16, 2003
SP structures (Crescent Lake, OR: added water tank and Senior Roundhouse Foreman's house)

November 1, 2003
Created SP audio page, added link to homepage, removed broken link to Santa Cruz Collage,

October 18, 2003
HO models (Red Caboose GS gondolas with extensions for sugar beet service), NWP depots (updated Tiburon, still standing next to water), SP structures (added Oil Junction train order office and San Pedro outhouse; deleted Fresno water tower, recently razed), SP depots (added Chowchilla and Capitola, deleted Richmond)

August 30, 2003
SP depots (updated New Iberia, LA)

August 20, 2003
PE equipment (added Rio Vista shelter)

August 18, 2003
SP depots (Loomis, CA - demolished last week; Strathmore, CA - moved in July)

August 10, 2003
PE equipment (added Redlands bridge and Torrance Viaduct)

July 27, 2003
SP Steam (EPSW 1 moved to new transit terminal), SP Videos (added "This Was Pacific Electric")

July 18, 2003
SP depots (added Simonton, TX), SP steam (updated 771; will be moved from Victoria to Grapevine), SP models HO (added Quality Craft, Vert-A-Pac kit; older craftsman wood kit), SP models N (added JnJ trains, Harriman and lightweight passenger car kits)

July 6, 2003
SP depots (Alice, TX - razed 2002; added Floresville, TX; updated numerous TX depots), SP structures (added T&NO diesel shops San Antonio, Tower 40, and Runge section house)

June 30, 2003
PE equipment (added San Pedro depot), SP depots (added Tarpey, CA; updated Halsey, OR), SP equipment (added SP 4401)

June 18, 2003
SP equipment (added SP 2054, RSD12)

May 31, 2003
SP equipment (removed SP 1865 coach, Colfax: ex-MKT), SP structures (Newark Tower razed),

May 4, 2003
SP equipment (added SP 1518, former EMD 990, first SD7; added site for Illinois Railway Museum)

April 26, 2003
SP depots (moved Santa Rosa, CA, to NWP depots), NWP depots (added 1st and 2nd Santa Rosa)

April 22, 2003
SP depots (deleted Sunnyvale, CA; razed early 2003), SP Models HO (updated Westerfield stock car kits to several regional roads - PE, AE, SPdeM), SP Structures (added Selma foreman's house)

March 16, 2003
SP equipment (PFE 74583), SP structures (company hospital, Houston, TX), SP depots (freight depot at Hood, CA), SSW depots (updated North Little Rock)

March 2, 2003
LARy equipment (added LARy 733)

February 23, 2003
SP equipment (added SP 9110 4-4-2 sleeper), PE equipment (updated 4601), SP depots (added Yuma, AZ, freight house)

February 16, 2003
SP equipment (added locomotives: SPMW 6-C, and SP 7863), PE equipment (added PE 510 and Blimp in Torrance), SP models N scale (corrected info for products by Wheels of Time)

February 2, 2003
Home page (added link to Santa Cruz Collage), SP structures (Tower 121, San Antonio, TX, destroyed by fire), SP depots (updated California depots at Edison and Long Beach)

January 2, 2003
SP videos (added "Diesel Power on the Southern Pacific, 1942-1985")

December 31, 2002
SP depots (updated Texas depots at Carmine and Kingsland)

December 24, 2002
SP depots (updated numerous sites in TX), SSW depots (updated some in TX), SP line structures (added some sites in TX)

December 22, 2002
PE equipment (deleted SBVT car barn; incorrect building), SP depots (deleted Kentucky House, CA; added Hillsdale, CA, and South Sausalito, CA), SP line structures (added water tank Oakridge, OR, and Lacoste, TX), SSW depots (updated Hamilton, TX; still standing)

November 17, 2002
PE equipment (added SBVT car barn), SP videos (added new company, Skyfire Video)

November 10, 2002
PE equipment (added Santa Ana River truss bridge near 5th Street), SP depot (added Bertram, TX), SP equipment (added SPMW 5986), SP line structures (added crossing shanty at Cedar Park, TX; deleted water tank at West Cruzette, OR; scrapped two weeks ago)

October 18, 2002
SP depot (updated Mill City, OR), SP equipment (SP caboose 439 to 409)

September 29, 2002
SP equipment (deleted SP 9023, scrapped 5 years ago), SP depots (added Luling, TX), SP line structures (added H&TC handcar shed and crossing guard shanty at Dallas, TX)

August 31, 2002
SP equipment (added DLMX 4219), SP steam (updated SP 1297)

August 25, 2002
SP equipment (changed Odgen Union Station to Utah State Railroad Museum, added SP 3769), SP steam (updated SP 1297), SSW depots (updated Ireland, TX, which is standing)

August 18, 2002
SP surviving depots (updated Berkeley, CA to Berkeley West, CA)

August 12, 2002
SP surviving depots (added Marathon, TX, and updated Dallas, TX; depot in Fair Park)

August 4, 2002
SP CS 23 depots (new info Berkeley depot)

July 28, 2002
PE equipment (created structure table, added Puente Largo bridge), SP structures (added Webb House), homepage (removed gif, created text link to this page)

July 20, 2002
PE Equipment (updated 457 and 963), SP equipment (added Pullman Equipment Leasing Corporation)

July 13, 2002
LARy equipment (added 1030), PE equipment (added both Whittier depots), SP depots (updated Whittier, CA, and Sparks, NV)

July 6, 2002
Models N scale (added Con-Cor GS-4 locomotive, and Intermountain 12-panel boxcar)

June 23, 2002
PE equipment (San Bernardino substation, #24; 595 W. Rialto, at F Street, torn down last week), SP videos (added Dave's Video Editing and Valhalla Video Productions)

June 16, 2002
SP depots (Elgin, TX updated), SP equipment (added Arkansas Railway Museum), SP structures (added Arkansas Railway Museum Backshop)

June 2, 2002
PE equipment (added PE 00197), SP equipment (added SPNG 6)

May 27, 2002
NWP depots (Hopland standing, added Ukiah), SP depot (removed Ukiah), SP equipment (added SP 3604, SP 3605, and SP 6738), SP steam locomotives (added SP 2018)

May 19, 2002
PE equipment (added Colton and North in the Movies depots), SP depots (added Pomona, CA, and Columbus, NM), SP equipment (added "Los Angeles", "Houston", and SP 204), homepage (created link), What is New (created page)