This page is a list of line structures built and used by the Southern Pacific railroad or one of its predecessor roads. To be considered for this list, the structure should not be in current use by the Union Pacific railroad. Towers are the exception to the rule since they are few and far between. Depots are not listed, as they can be found on my various depot pages. If you know of any structures not listed, please contact the host.

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November 13, 2020


Davis Tower Davis, CA adjacent to Davis station
Dayton Tower Los Angeles, CA moved to the employee entrance of Taylor Yard
Mission Tower Los Angeles, CA at the throat of Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal
Terminal Tower Los Angeles, CA in use, next to Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal
Magnolia Street Tower Oakland, CA in use
Oakland Mole Tower Oakland, CA moved to park on 7th Street in the Port of Oakland
16th Street Tower Oakland, CA near 16th Street station
Elvas Tower Sacramento, CA closed, supposed to be moved to Cal State RR Museum
Santa Clara Tower Santa Clara, CA located at the north end of Santa Clara yard;being restored by the South Bay Historical Railroad Society
Sparks Tower Sparks, NV in use
Tower 3 Flatonia, TX moved off railroad property
Tower 16 Sherman, TX moved to Grapevine Heritage Center; Grapevine, TX
Tower 17 Rosenberg, TX moved to the Rosenberg RR museum, to be restored
Tower 40 Luling, TX former GH&SA and SA≈ moved off railroad property
Tower 55 Fort Worth, TX on East Vickery east of South Main Street
Grant Tower Salt Lake City, UT lower height brick building


Brisbane, CA Bayshore roundhouse; 2800 Bayshore Boulevard
Felton, CA engine house; Big Trees and Roaring Camp
Laws, CA narrow gauge turntable; Laws Railroad Museum
Weed, CA engine house; private property at 501 Florence Drive
San Antonio, TX T&NO diesel shops


Aztec Siding, AZ on the Gila line
Gila Bend, AZ on the Gila line
Maricopa, AZ on the Gila line
Pantano, AZ on the old line between Tucson and Mescal
Red Rock, AZ on the Gila line
Rillito, AZ on the Gila line; large water tank; 35' diameter, 28' high
San Carlos Apache Reservation, AZ on the Globe branch
San Simon, AZ on the North Line; water tank, no legs
Black Butte, CA on the Shasta line
Chular, CA on the Coast line; it is painted yellow and part of a business
Coyote, CA on the Coast line
Davis, CA on the Cal-P line
Elmira, CA on the Cal-P line
Famoso, CA on the San Joaquin line, visible from SR-99
Grass Lake, CA on the Shasta line
Keeler, CA currently in "kit form" awaiting reassembly at Orange Empire Railway Museum; Perris, CA
Likely, CA on the Modoc line
San Jose, CA near the Cahill Street station
Madeline, CA on the Modoc line
San Luis Obispo, CA near the Amtrak station
Tehachapi, CA on the San Joaquin line, next to the depot
Truckee, CA on the Donner Pass line
Wendel, CA on the Modoc line
Westley, CA on the West Side line; on Highway 33
Golconda, NV on the Ogden line
Sutcliffe, NV on the Fernley line near Pyramid Lake; two tanks
Hachita, NM on the South Line; former EP&SW
Crescent Lake, OR on the Cascade line
Elsie, OR on the ? line
Enright, OR on the Port of Tillamook Branch
Oakridge, OR on the Shasta line, moved to a hill above town and painted green
Wicopee, OR on the Cascade line
Fort Hancock, TX on the Sunset line
Grapevine, TX on the ? line
Lacoste, TX on the Sunset line
Waelder, TX on the Sunset line, on east side of the Pecos River bridge


Hotel Playa de Cortes Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico hotel built in 1936 by the SP de Mexico
underground concrete sleeping quarter Bowie, AZ in the old north yard
EP&SW Young Men's Christian Association building Douglas, AZ 998 Pan American Highway
backshop building Pine Bluff, AR Arkansas Railway Museum
portable jail cell Bakersfield, CA Kern County Museum
two-story section foreman's house Caliente, CA residential area north of the tracks
section quarters Carpinteria, CA moved to 5441 Carpinteria Avenue
Red Mountain fire lookout Signal Peak, Cisco Grove, CA overlooks Donner Pass Route, built of stone in 1876
foreman's section house, desert design Estelle, CA moved to Pioneers' Park Museum, 373 East Aten Road, Imperial, CA; museum has labeled it as a depot (Estelle never had a depot)
section house Fillmore, CA 135 Main Street, now a private residence
station agent's house Laws, CA Laws Railroad Museum
Union Terminal Warehouse Los Angeles, CA large multi-story warehouses,big signs say "Southern Pacific"; Alameda and 7th Street
two-story section foreman's house Niland, CA Where?
foreman's section house, desert design Palmdale, CA in bad condition at Tropico Gold Mine Museum, Rosamond, CA
Oil Junction train order office Perris, CA Orange Empire Railway Museum
San Pedro depot outhouse Perris, CA Orange Empire Railway Museum
Ramona shelter shed-storeroom San Luis Obispo, CA Moved to the grounds of the Dallidet Adobe
cast iron bridge California State Railroad Museum; Sacramento, CA built by Phoenix Bridge Co. in 1884, was in Soledad Canyon;
surrounds Virginia & Truckee 12 Genoa
Pacific Motor Transport warehouse Salinas, CA To the north of and adjacent to the Salinas depot
Railway Express Agency building Salinas, CA To the south of and adjacent to the Salinas depot
65 Market Street San Francisco, CA may become hotel or offices
Southern Pacific Hospital San Francisco, CA 1400 Fell Street near Golden Gate Park; now a large retirement home
pillars and plaque San Francisco, CA Lloyd Lake on JFK Drive;
pillars are from the SP President's house after the 1906 earthquake
building for car and signalmen and fuel room Santa Barbara, CA at the Santa Barbara depot, directly across the tracks and a little south, mission-style
steel truss bridge Saugus, CA on Magic Mountain Parkway, east of I-5
two-story section foreman's house Selma, CA corner of Park and Sheridan
two-story section foreman's house Tipton, CA South Evans Road, about 300 feet north of East Lerda Avenue
Tulare Women's Clubhouse Tulare, CA 88 West Tulare Avenue; built in 1882, formerly the Southern Pacific Employee Library Hall
two-story section foreman's house Wyo, CA Where?
ice storage house Mina, NV now the volunteer fire station
scale house from Mina, NV Tonopah, NV At the Central Nevada Museum
The Lodge Cloudcroft, NM Hotel built by EP&SW; 601 Corona Place
The Pavilion Cloudcroft, NM Hotel built by EP&SW; 601 Corona Place
Mexican Canyon Trestle Cloudcroft, NM Bulit by Alamogordo and Sacramento Mountain Railway, a subsidiary of EP≠ west of town in Trestle Recreation Area.
Ashland depot hotel, south wing Ashland, OR formerly the hotel's kitchen; only remnant of the hotel; 624 A Street
Senior Roundhouse Foreman's house Crescent Lake, OR now the home of the signal maintenance man
shelter shed-storeroom Crowley, OR on private property, now a guest room
express office Corvallis, OR in its original location; owned by city
Section Tool House Medford Railroad Park; Medford, OR Formerly at the Mountain Avenue crossing in Ashland;
age unknown, but carving inside is dated August 13, 1893
Oregon Red Electric, Dundee Substation south of 801 OR-99W, Dundee, OR appears to be used for storage
Oregon Red Electric, Lake Oswego Substation 151 3rd St, Lake Oswego, OR .
Oregon Red Electric, McCoy Substation south of McCoy Road and 3rd Street, Rickreall, OR .
T&NO grade crossing shanty Cedar Park, TX Moved from the crossing of Chimney Rock, west of Bellaire Junction;
owned by the Austin Steam Train Association
H&TC handcar shed, built to standard plan, built of wood ca. 1905 Frisco, TX Museum of the American Railroad
H&TC grade crossing shanty Frisco, TX Museum of the American Railroad
El Paso & Southwestern Railroad building El Paso, TX 416 North Stanton Street
El Paso & Southwestern Railroad freight house El Paso, TX 398 North Campbell Street, down a long driveway. Visible from eastbound I-10 onramp
Fairview H&TC Railroad Historic District (stone bridge) Fairview, TX Private property; 1/4 mile west of State Highway 5 on Sloan Creek & the former Houston & Texas Central Railroad tracks
T&NO section house Frankston, TX 180 North Frankston Highway; now a gift shop
1910 Southern Pacific Building Houston, TX 915 Franklin Street; now condominiums, The Bayou Lofts
Houston SP hospital Houston, TX Sunset Hospital, now the Thomas Street Center, at 2015 Thomas Street.
Built in 1911 by Buildings & Bridges Department of the Galveston, Harrisburg & San Antonio Railway.
Hotel and bunkhouse built by the A&NW Kingsland, TX located at The Antlers Hotel
T&NO section house Nacogdoches, TX now a residence
freight warehouse Paris, TX now a meeting hall; on Kaufman St. across from Union Station
SA&AP section house Runge, TX now a residence
Bunkhouse Sanderson, TX Privately owned and being restored