On November 20, 2005, a Sunday evening spent channel-surfing, the inspiration for this page struck while I watched a silent movie. It was Girl Shy, starring Harold Lloyd, and the scene that caught my attention was a view of a Southern Pacific passenger train. Later in the same film, Lloyd commandeers a Pacific Electric streetcar for a wild ride inside of and on top of it. Later that evening, I wanted to know if the movie was listed in the article "Espee and the Movies" compiled by Tony Johnson and John Signor (SP Trainline issue 75). Not seeing the movie listed in the article, I knew I needed to create a page documenting the appearance in film and television by Espee and its subsidiaries.

Special thanks to Mr. Michael Lowe for the dozens of movie titles he has provided me for this website.

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January 28, 2024

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Abba in Concert (1979) Abba, music group Part 1 on Youtube; at 3:13 mark has SP freight train
Act of Violence (1948) Van Heflin and Robert Ryan Passenger train scene filmed at depot at Glendale, CA
Adventures of Superman (1952-1958 TV series) George Reeves Opening credits are of the 1937 Daylight
A Face in the Crowd (1957) Andy Griffith and Patricia Neal SSW passenger train
After the Thin Man (1936) William Powell and Myrna Loy Opens with view of Sunset drumhead,Third and Townsend depot in San Francisco, SP 4-6-2 #2483
Again Pioneers (1950) Regis Toomey Minute 32-36, brief views of PFE reefers and PE double-track over Cahuenga Pass
Alibi Ike (1935) Joe E. Brown and Olivia de Haviland Los Angeles Central Station and equipment there
Alibi Mark (1937) Floyd Gibbons Freight train
Always for Pleasure (1978) documentary about Mardi Gras in New Orleans opening shot shows freight train with SP freight cars, mostly hopper cars
The Americano (1955) Glenn Ford probably Chatsworth depot; 4-10-2 steam locomotive pulls a train of PFE reefers
Annie Oakley (1954-1957 TV series) Gail Davis Annie and the Brass Collar: SPNG 9 and freight train

The Babe Ruth Story (1948) William Bendix GS class steam locomotive shown on trip to Boston
Back in the Saddle (1941) Gene Autry Passenger train and partial view of a depot
Bad Day at Black Rock (1955) Spencer Tracy and Robert Ryan F-units in black widow pulling passenger train
Bad Little Angel (1939) Virginia Weidler and Ian Hunter depot at Palms, CA
The Band Wagon (1953) Fred Astaire, Cyd Charisse SP steam locomotive, E-units on passenger train
Batman and Robin (1949) Robert Lowery and Johnny Duncan steam locomotive SP 2440, automobile driving along Taylor yard, depot scene at Santa Susana, fight on freight train in Chatsworth, automobile haywire in Soledad Canyon (maybe Acton)
Beggars of Life (1928) Wallace Berry and Louise Brooks SD&AE in Carriso Gorge
Bells of Rosarita (1945) Roy Rogers and George "Gabby" Hayes view of train in the Chatsworth area, and train #71 San Francisco Passenger arriving at Chatsworth depot
Be Reasonable (1921) Billy Bevan exterior view of Los Angeles Central Station
Berth Marks (1929) Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy depot at Palms, CA
Beverly Hills Cop II (1987) Eddie Murphy The beginning of the movie is set in Detroit, MI, but soon, an SP SW1500 moves through revealing the true filming location.
Big Business Girl (1931) Loretta Young depot at Glendale, CA
Billion Dollar Hobo (1977) Tim Conway and Will Greer Scene with GP20 #4101, and GP9s #3840 and #3688Scene of SD39's on a freight train in the Santa Susanna Pass area
Biloxi Blues (1988) Matthew Broderick SSW 4-8-4 #819
The Blazing Sun (1950) Gene Autry SPNG #9
The Body Disappears (1941) Jane Wyman and Edward Everett Horton PFE reefers
Boots and Saddles (1937) Gene Autry Lone Pine depot
Born to Kill (1947) Claire Trevor, Lawrence Tierney Reno depot, streamlined train No. 101, SP ferryboat Klamath
Brainstorm (1965) Jeffrey Hunter, Anne Francis, and Dana Andrews Opening scene has SP diesel pulling a passenger train
A Bride for Henry (1937) Anne Nagel and Warren Hull at 3:50, the streamlined Coast Daylight front; at 4:50 the rear of the train
Broadway Bill (1934) Warner Baxter and Myrna Loy 19:19 SP horse-baggage cars; 31:00 PE streetcar in background at hamburger stand scene; filmed at Tanforan racetrack in San Bruno, CA per several sources
Brother Rat and a Baby (1940) Priscilla Lane and Wayne Morris GS locomotive on passenger train
Buck Benny Rides Again (1940) Jack Benny and Ellen Drew E2A pulls City of San Francisco
Buffalo Bill, Jr. (1955-1956 TV series) Dick Jones The Fight for Geronimo: passenger train, probably on the Lone Pine Branch
Bulletproof (1996) Damon Wayans, Adam Sandler, and James Caan the depot said "Pasadena" but it was filmed at the depot at Glendale, CA

Calling Philo Vance (1940) James Stephenson and Margot Stevenson train scene with a GS locomotive
The Candidate (1972) Robert Redford SP GP38-2
The Captive City (1952) John Forsythe black widow F-unit locomotive and two cabooses; filmed in Reno, NV
Career (1959) Anthony Franciosa, Dean Martin, and Shirley MacLaine Minute 00:04:00; SP passeneger train at Chatsworth depot
Carmen Jones (1954) Dorothy Dandridge and Harry Belafonte 4-6-0 steam locomotive
The Case of the Curious Bride (1935) Warren William SP ferryboat ride from Oakland to San Francisco
Chandler (1971) Warren Oates and Leslie Caron diesel locomotives #3205 and #3207 and the interior of a SP Automat car
Changeling (2008) Angelina Jolie Birney from Midwest painted as PE; passenger train has SDAE 175, SP 2144
The Chase (1946) Robert Cummings and Steve Cochran about minute 11, view of passenger train, probably in Santa Susana Pass
Chasing Choo Choos (1927) Monty Banks wild ride on a freight train through Carrizo Gorge
Chicago Calling (1952) Dan Duryea SP steam locomotive, SP F unit in Black Widow, freight cars
Christmas Eve (1947) George Raft, Rrandolph Scott train pulled by X2228
City Limits (1934) Frank Craven and Sally Blane freight cars and yard
Clash by Night (1952) Barbara Stanwyck, Paul Douglas, Robert Ryan, and Marilyn Monroe Monterey Branch, steam locomotive SP 2353, and chair car SP 2527
College (1927) Buster Keaton passing trains and the depot at Glendale, CA
Commando Cody: Radar Men From the Moon Judd Holdren SP train destroyed by radar gun
Come See the Paradise (1990) Dennis Quaid SP 4449 4-8-4 steam locomotive with passenger train at Portland, OR depot
The Company She Keeps (1950) Lizabeth Scott andJane Greer Glendale depot andheavyweight passenger train
Comrade X (1940) Clark Gable and Hedy Lamarr PE #332, Birney car
Cops (1922) Buster Keaton exterior view of Los Angeles Central Station
County Fair (1937) John Arledge and Mary Lou Lender SP 1473 4-4-0 steam locomotive
Cowboy Serenade (1942) Gene Autry ?
Crash Out (1955) William Bendix and Arthur Kennedy steam locomotive SP 2336 and passenger train with REA car
The Crime of the d'Autremont Brothers (2012) Documentary Story of the train robbery outside Tunnel 13 near Ashland, Oregon
Crime Patrol (1936) Ray Walker about minute 38, railroad yard with SP automobile cars and refrigerator cars
Criss Cross (1949) Burt Lancaster and Yvonne DeCarlo View of a PE locomotive pulling a boxcar and of a PE Hollywood Car
The Crooked Way (1949) John Payne, Sonny Tufts, and Ellen Drew Daylight pulling into Los Angeles
Cry Danger (1951) Dick Powell and Rhonda Fleming Opening credits are views of Coast Daylight traveling railroad east to Los Angeles. Opening scene is at LAUPT.
Cry of the Hunted (1953) Vittorio Gassman, Barry Sullivan, Polly Bergen, and William Conrad Pacific Electric street cars and motor coaches on Broadway in Los Angeles; Angel's Flight; steam locomotive SP 2590 on freight train in Louisiana
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett SP 745 painted as Southern Railway

Danger: Love at Work (1932) Ann Sothern and Jack Haley train with 4-6-2 on the point
Darby's Rangers (1958) James Garner Harriman chair cars
The Dawn Patrol (1938) Errol Flynn and Basil Rathbone Chatsworth depot
Days of Thrills and Laughter Compilation of silent films Chatsworth and Carriso Gorge
Dear Heart (1964) Glenn Ford and Geraldine Page Opening credits, Lark at SantaSusanaPass
Defenders of the Law (1931) Catherine Dale Owen, Edmund Breese and Mae Busch SD&A box car in front of Blanchard Lumber
The Defiant Ones (1958) Sidney Poitier and Tony Curtis Freight train
Delightfully Dangerous (1945) Jane Powell and Ralph Bellamy Minute 10 and 12, view of 2400-class steam locomotive and passenger train
Desperate Journey (1942) Errol Flynn and Ronald Reagan Minute 50:40, SP steam locomotive on train #52, San Joaquin Daylight
Dirty Harry (1971) Clint Eastwood End of the movie, Harry standing on former NWP trestle
Divorce (1945) Kay Francis and Bruce Cabot minute 9, train 98 Coast Daylight with GS-4 in Chatsworth, CA; minute 11 train 99 Coast Daylight with GS-2 at Glendale, CA
Don't Knock the Rock (1956) Alan Dale and Patricia Hardy Streamlined Sunset with black widow locomotives
Double Indemnity (1944) Fred MacMurray and Barbara Stanwyck SP passenger cars especially a lounge car; the depot said "Glendale" but it was filmed at the depot at Burbank, CA
Down Three Dark Streets (1954) Broderick Crawford PE Subway building, PCC cars in the subway terminal
Down to Earth (1947) Rita Hayworth North on the SP San Joaquin main line from Glendale
Dragnet (1987) Dan Akroyd and Tom Hanks SP SW1500 2621 at Taylor Yard
Duel (1971 TV movie) Dennis Weaver automobile pushed into side of freight train
Dust Be My Destiny (1939) John Garfield two-story depot and 1700-class steam locomotive

Earth vs. the Flying Saucers (1956) Hugh Marlow and Joan Taylor SP 4-8-8-2 #4236 on freight #834, possibly Simi Valley
East of Eden (1955) James Dean, Julie Harris, and Raymond Massey steam locomotives at Spreckles Jct.; ride on top of freight train from Salinas to Gilroy
Easy Rider (1969) Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, and Jack Nickolson Many scenes filmed along Lafayette Division in late 1960's. Very quick glimpse of loaded bagasse gondolas at Schriever, LA.
Emergency! (1972-1979 TV series) Randolph Mantooth and Kevin Tighe Season 5, episode 16, "The Girl on the Balance Beam" - SP 172351 yellow-stripe box car lettered as Chicago and Pacific
End of the Line (1987) Wilford Brimley SSW 4-8-4 #819
Eraser (1996) Arnold Schwarzenegger GP35E's crush a limosuine at the end of film

False Colors (1943) Hopalong Cassidy Filmed at Kearsarge, CA; view of depot, stockpens, and locomotive SPNG 17
Fancy Pants (1950) Bob Hope and Lucille Ball at the end, steam locomotive SP 2448 on passenger train at Chatsworth tunnel 28
The FBI Story (1959) Jimmie Stewart, Vera Miles SP steam locomotives at night
The Fighting Sullivans (1944)Ann Baxter and Thomas Mitchell views of steam locomotives
5 Against the House (1955) Kim Novak and Guy Madison Alco PAs on #27; Alco PAs and #101 at Reno
Flame of the Barbary Coast (1945) John Wayne SPNG 4-6-0 #18
Fog over Frisco (1934) Bette Davis SP auto ferryboat
The Footloose Heiress (1937) Ann Sheridan minute 3, unidentified steam locomotive; minute 40 Northridge depot; minute 42 freight train probably on the Burbank Branch
For Me and My Gal (1942) Judy Garland and Gene Kelly 4100 class 4-8-8-2
Four Mothers (1941) Claude Rains, Eddie Albert three locomotives: cab-forward, SP 2446 and SP 2416
Free and Easy (1930) Buster Keaton SP passenger train with observation car
Frisco Jenny (1932) Ruth Chatterton, Louis Calhern SP ferryboat Klamath
The Fugitive (1963-1967 TV series) David Janssen Episode 71 - Set Fire to a Strawman: SP 5724 Alco RS11 with freight train
The Fugitive (1963-1967 TV series) David Janssen Episode 81 - Shadow of the Swan: SP 1046 Alco S6
The Fugitive (1963-1967 TV series) David Janssen Episode 119 - The Judgement pt 1 (8-22-67): SP diesels (F-units and either GP35s or GP20s)
The Fugitive Sheriff (1936) Ken Maynard and Beth Marion scenes near Chatsworth
Full of Life (1956) Judy Holiday and Richard Conte F-units

Gaucho Serenade (1940) Gene Autry View of stock car and PFE; mixed train
The Getaway (1972) Steve McQueen and Ali McGraw steamlined Sunset Limited
The Getaway (1994) Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger Phoenix station
The General Died at Dawn (1936) Gary Cooper view of a steam locomotive
Get that Girl (1932) Richard Talmadge Los Angeles Central Station, Lark No. 71 under a bridge, Glendale station, Lark No. 70 is shown arriving Glendale, and Glendale Tower.
Giant (1956) Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor TNO F7 on passenger train near Marfa, TX
The Giant Gila Monster (1959) Don Sullivan and Lisa Simone F-units
The Girl in Lovers Lane (1960) Jack Elam Box cars, caboose, and possible cab forward
Girl Missing (1933) Lyle Talbot, Guy Kiddee depot at Glendale, CA
Girl Shy (1924) Harold Lloyd views of SP passenger and freight trains and Los Angeles Central Station; commandeers a PE trolley for a wild ride
The Glenn Miller Story (1953) James Stewart and June Allyson View of PE elevated track
G Men (1935) James Cagney steam locomotive SP 2427 and a 2100-series passenger coach
The Grifters (1990) Anjelica Huston, James Cusack, and Annette Bening rear of Saugus depot as preserved at the Santa Clarita Valley Historical Society
Grips, Grunts, and Groans (1937) Three Stooges steam locomotive SP 4321 with train 26, Owl, and view of depot at Glendale, CA
The Goat (1921) Buster Keaton 2-8-2 #3244 and 0-6-0 #1229
Gold Mine in the Sky (1938) Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette, and Carol Hughes AC locomotive pulling the West Coast at Lang, CA
The Great K & A Train Robbery (1926) Tom Mix view of a train
The Great Train Robbery (1941) Bob Steele and Milburn Stone 4-6-2's #3100 and #3123, 4-8-8-2 #4107
Gunfight at the OK Corral (1957) Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas depot at Elgin, AZ
Gun Grit (1936) Jack Perrin and Ethyl Beck Minute 16, SP steam locomotive on passenger train and Chatsworth depot
Gunsight Ridge (1957) Joel McCrea , Slim Pickens depot at Elgin, AZ
Gymnasium Jim (1922) Billy Bevan and Mildred June Depot at Florence, California

Hail the Conquering Hero (1944) Eddie Bracken, Ella Raines, and Raymond Walburn 4-8-2 #4362 (with WWII headlight shield) being serviced; Mission Tower and nearby trackage
Happy Land (1943) Don Ameche, Frances Dee, Harry Carey passenger train and depot at Santa Rosa, CA
Harold and Maude (1943) Don Ameche, Frances Dee, Harry Carey SP freight yard at Bayshore; passenger train and depot at Santa Rosa, CA
Haunted Spook (1920) Harold Lloyd character attempted suicide by stepping in front of a PE streetcar
Heart of Arizona (1938) Hoppalong Cassidy railroad tracks and equipment, likely SP narrow gauge, filmed in Lone Pine and Alabama Hills
Heaven Can Wait (1943) Don Ameche passenger train No. 2
Hell-Fire Austin (1932) Ken Maynard and Ivy Merton train with steam locomotive, appears to be at Lone Pine, CA
Here Comes the Groom (1934) Jack Haley, Ward bond, Sidney Toler depot at Glendale, CA
Highway Patrol (1955-1959 TV series) Broderick Crawford Episode 8 - Blood Money: several scenes in freight yard with many SP auto box cars; filmed at Raymer Yard in Van Nuys, CA
Highway Patrol (1955-1959 TV series) Broderick Crawford Episode 27 - Deadly Diamonds: opening scene is depot and freight cars at Glendale station
Highway Patrol (1955-1959 TV series) Broderick Crawford Episode 43 - Express Delivery: opening scene is SP passenger train with diesel locomotives in black widow paint scheme, depot, and box cars on house track at Glendale station
Highway Patrol (1955-1959 TV series) Broderick Crawford Episode 54 - Framed Cop: end filmed at Glendale station with Daylight passenger train
Highway Patrol (1955-1959 TV series) Broderick Crawford Episode 59 - Gem Robbery: opening scene is Daylight train 99 with Alco PAs at Glendale station
Highway Patrol (1955-1959 TV series) Broderick Crawford Episode 62 - Hired Killer: opening scene is Daylight train with E-unit at Chatsworth station and views of depot
Highway Patrol (1955-1959 TV series) Broderick Crawford Episode 68 - Hostage: opening scene at Glendale station with views of freight ramp
Highway Patrol (1955-1959 TV series) Broderick Crawford Episode 119 - In Temptation: view of PE West Hollywood shops, several PE electric freight locomotives
Highway Patrol (1955-1959 TV series) Broderick Crawford Episode 128 - Train Copter: depot and vicinity at Northridge, CA; diesel SP 6198 on Train #90; Alco PAs on Daylight train
Highway Patrol (1955-1959 TV series) Broderick Crawford Episode 129 - Train Robbery: depot and tracks at Santa Susanna, CA; Alco PAs on Daylight train; aerial view of Daylight train at Chatsworth Tunnel #26;
Hilda Crane (1956) Jean Simmons Opening sequence has several nice shots of the Daylight passing through the mountains and ultimately pulling into a station, SP locomotive #6231
Hollywood or Bust (1956) Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis 2-6-0 nearly hits automobile
Homeward Bound (1992) Voices of Michael J. Fox, Sally Fields, and Don Ameche SD9
Honeymoon for 3 (1941) George Brent and Ann Sheridan steam locomotive SP 4400
Horse Shoes (1927) Monty Banks and Jean Arthur depot at Glendale, CA
The Human Comedy (1943) Mickey Rooney view of short freight train, freight depot at Santa Monica, CA
Human Desire (1954) Glenn Ford Movie is about a railroad engineer, so includes lots of equipment and structures
The Hurricane Express (1932) John Wayne view of steam locomotive

Identity Unknown (1945) Richard Arlen and Cheryl Walker Passenger car SP 1950 and probably Chatsworth depot
Impact (1949) Brian Donlevy, Charles Coburn,Helen Walker, Ella Raines Santa Susana depot
Indianapolis Speedway (1939) Pat O'Brien SP train No. 2 with 4-8-2 on the point
In Old Amarillo (1951) Roy Rogers SP 58479, tank car in silver paint
In Old Colorado (1941) Hopalong Cassidy Filmed at Kearsarge, CA; view of depot, stockpens, and locomotive SPNG 17 at end of movie; same image as in False Colors
In Old Monterey (1939) Gene Autry 4-6-2 #2417
Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956) Kevin McCarthey and Dana Winter Chatsworth depot
The Iron Horse (1924) George O'Brien building the transcontinental line
It Happened One Night (1934) Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert 2-6-0 #1662 on a short freight train
It's a Great Feeling (1949) Doris Day and Jack Carson Los Angeles Union Station
I Love You Again (1940) William Powell and Myrna Loy Cab forward arriving at a station
I was a Communist for the FBI (1951) Frank Lovejoy and Dorothy Hart SP passenger train at tunnel in Chatsworth, SP equipment in fake tunnel scene after minute 1:00:45
I'll See You in My Dreams (1951) Danny Thomas and Doris Day SP train

Jim Thorpe - All American (1951) Burt Lancaster Jim Thorpe plays football with some children next to a PE yard
Dillinger: Public Enemy No. 1 (1934) newsreel train No. 2 pulled by GS locomotive
The Jolson Story (1946) Larry Parks and Evelyn Keyes 2400-series and 4300-steam steam locomotives
Just Neighbors (1919) Harold Llyod exterior and interior views of Los Angeles Central Station

The Kennel Murder Case (1933) William Powell 2400-series steam locomotive
Killer of Sheep (1973) Henry G. Sanders and Kaycee Moore Freight trains in Watts, CA
King of the Cowboys (1943) Roy Rogers Cab-forward on freight train in the Chatsworth tunnel area and on steel bridge in Altamont Pass
King of the Texas Rangers (1941) Sammy Baugh and Duncan Renaldo Trains and tunnel in Santa Susana Pass

The Lady Eve (1941) Barbara Stanwyck and Henry Fonda 4-6-2 #2445 on passenger train
A Lady of Chance (1929) Norma Shearer depot at Palms, CA
The Last Gangster (1937) Edward G. Robinson NWP passenger train being put on barge for a trip to Alcatraz
The Last Hard Men (1976) James Coburn and Charlton Heston Scene of passenger train going through town has anRPO-Baggage Combination with the SP Circle Emblem on the side
Laverne and Shirley (1976-1983 TV series) Penny Marshall and Cindy Williams Murder on The Moose Jaw Express Part 1 and 2; SDP45 and F-unit
Leather Burners (1943) William Boyd and Andy Clyde SPNG train
Let Freedom Ring (1939) Nelson Eddy and Virginia Bruce EPSW 4-4-2 #1 at Wymola, AZ
Lifestream of the City (1946) Transporation film by General Electric Minute 9:45; view of PE PCC cars on Cahuenga Pass; never ran there in actual service
The Light of Western Stars (1940) Noah Berry, Jr and Alan Ladd SP steam locomotive and cars, depot probably Chatsworth
Li'l Abner (1940) Jeff York, Martha O'Driscoll, Mona Ray, and Buster Keaton SP passenger cars and Palms depot
The Lineup (1958) Eli Wallach SP boxcars spotted at what appears to be the Beale Street team track, San Francisco; SP trailer in background of phone booth scene
Little Fauss and Big Halsey (1970) Robert Redford SP diesel freight, appears to be Rosamond in Antelope Valley
The Local Bad Man (1932) Hoot Gibson SP 2246 steam locomotive, Chatsworth depot, Chatsworth Junction
Lonely are the Brave (1962) Kirk Douglas, Carrol O'Conner GP9 #5773 sounding its Nathan P3 air horn while on the Santa Paula Branch
The Lone Wolf Takes a Chance (1941) Warren William and June Storey steam locomotives 2447 and 2445
Lone Wolf (1954-1955 TV series) Louis Hayward and Ernest Borgnine Avalanche Story: Train #23 at Reno with ALCo PA in Daylight scheme and good views of several passenger cars; train stuck in avalanche
Lone Wolf McQuade (1983) Chuck Norris and David Carradine Tunnel motors at Fort Bliss
The Lost Special (1932) Frank Albertson and Cecilia Parker 4-6-2 #2445 in Arizona
Louisa (1932) Ronald Reagan and Ruth Hussey opening scene, Northridge or Chatsworth depot and Common Standard arch roof coaches or chair cars, painted Dark Olive
The Lucky Texan (1934) John Wayne and Barbara Sheldon filmed at Lang, shows 65,000 gallon water tank and freight shed
Lure of the Wilderness (1952) Jeffrey Hunter andWalter Brennan TNO 2-8-0 steam locomotive and some outside braced wooden boxcars in SP markings

Ma and Pa Kettle Go To Town (1950) Marjorie Main and Percy Kilbride steam locomotive, 4400 class in Daylight paint scheme)
Ma & Pa Kettle Settle Back on the Farm (1951) Marjorie Main and Percy Kilbride 4-6-2 #2440 with passenger train and 2-8-0 #2557 with a freight train
Magic Rails to Yesterday (1958) film about Western Pacific California Zephyr views of San Francisco Ferry Building and ferry San Leandro
Magic Town (1947) James Stewart 4-4-2 #3057 at Chico depot
Mannix (1967-1975 TV series) Mike Connors Episode 3 - Nothing Ever Works Twice: Train is #98 Coast Daylight to Los Angeles. Glendale depot and station
A Man's Land (1932) Hoot Gibson filmed in Santa Clarita; scene with view of the corner of the Newhall depot
Man Without a Star (1955) Kirk Douglas, Jeanne Crain and Claire Trevor SPNG stock cars
Manslaughter (1922) Leatrice Joy and Thomas Meighan San Bruno?
Meet the Baron (1933) Jack Pearl, Jimmy Durante, Zasu Pitts and the Three Stooges at about 1 hour mark, steam locomotive #2428
Men are such Fools (1938) Humphrey Bogart steam locomotive 2440 with a passenger train
Merrily We Live (1938) Constance Bennett SP commute train
Midnight Limited (1940) Marjorie Reynolds and John King GS-2 or GS-3 makes a brief appearance
A Millionaire for Christy (1951) Fred MacMurray, Eleanor Parker Exterior and interior of depot at Burbank, CA, and steam locomotive SP #2424
Million Dollar Legs (1932) W. C. Fields and Jack Oakey 4-6-2 #2452
The Miracle of the Bells (1948) Fred MacMurray and Frank Sinatra 4-6-2- #2433
The Misfits (1961) Clark Gable and Marilyn Monroe Filmed in Reno on July 20, 1960, using the westbound Overland. The crowd at the station was not made up of extras but the regular patrons and passengers.
Mr. Soft Touch (1949) Glenn Ford and Evelyn Keyes steam locomtive 2453 and commute train
Mojave Firebrand (1944) Bill Elliot and George "Gabby" Hayes Chatsworth area
Montana Moon (1930) Joan Crawford and Johnny Mack Brown Chatsworth depot and the surrounding area including water tank, PFE refrigerator cars, and steam locomotive #2577
Mother's Joy (1923) Stan Laurel horse-drawn cab in front of Los Angeles Central Station
Mother Wore Tights (1947) Dan Dailey and Betty Grable No. 76 Lark
Movie Maniacs (1936) Three Stooges view of a 2-10-2
Murder by Contract (1958) Vince Edwards Lark No. 76 at Glendale
Murder in the Private Car (1934) Charlie Ruggles and Una Merkel views of Dunsmuir yard and Sacramento River Canyon; steam locomotives #4312, #3721 doubleheaded, #2656, and #3726; depot scene probably at Chatsworth, CA
Murder is My Beat (1955) Paul Langton and Barbara Payton Los Angeles Union Station, steam locomotive SP 4312, train #2-99 Coast Daylight, GS-locomotive; steam locomotive #2850; brief view of Glendale station grounds
Music is Magic (1935) Alice Faye, Ray Walker, and Bebe Daniels PE 868 on the Ben Mar Hills extension of the Glendale-Burbank line
Mystery Ranch (1934) Tom Tyler and Roberta Gale SP cab-forward pulling passenger train

The Narrow Margin (1952) Charles McGraw and Marie Windsor view of passenger train and SP 4-8-2 #4412 coming out of a tunnel
Nevada Smith (1966) Steve McQueen Laws Museum
The Newton Boys (1998) Matthew McConaughey, Ethan Hawke, and Skeet Ulrich 2-8-2 #786
Night Freight (1955) Forrest Tucker and Barbara Britton listed in original article; filmed on Modesto and Empire Traction (not an Espee line)
Night Time in Nevada (1948) Roy Rogers and Andy Devine 4-6-2 #2445
North by Northwest (1959) Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint F7's pulling Daylight
Nothing Sacred (1937) Carole Lombard and Frederic March Minute 8:45; small steam locomotive next to depot at Palms, CA
Now or Never (1921) Harold Lloyd and Mildred Davis inside and on top of SP passenger train, probably Chatsworth tunnel #28

Of Mice and Men (1939) Burgess Meredith and Lon Chaney, Jr. billboard, "Next Time Take the Train"
Of Mice and Men (1992) Gary Sinise and John Malkovich a wooden box car with the SP Circle and Bar logo on a freight train
Off the Record (1939) Pat O'Brien and Joan Blondell SP local train
Oh Susanna (1936) Gene Autry Several SP passenger train, close-up of chair car, and depot at Saugus, CA
Oil for the Lamps of China (1935) Pat O'Brien SPNG
Oklahoma! (1955) Gordan McRae and Shirley Jones Patagonia branch and depot at Elgin, AZ
Old Gray Hoss! (1928) Our Gang depot at Palms, CA
One Foot in Heaven (1941) Frederic March steam locomotive 2447, open-end observation car, and two more SP trains
One More Chance (1931) Bing Crosby depot at Glendale, CA
One More Tomorrow (1946) Ann Sheridan, Dennis Morgan, and Jack Carson film filpped so writing is backwards, train #75 with steam locomotive arriving at Glendale, CA
O.S.S. (1946) Alan Ladd and Geraldine Fitzgerald view of passenger train
Other Men's Women (1931) Grant Withers, Mary Astor, and James Cagney views of SP and SDAE equipment, and downtown Los Angeles
The Outsider (1961) Tony Curtis SP station scenes, probably in Arizona
Out West with the Peppers (1940) Edith Fellows, Dorothy Anne Seese, Dorothy Peterson SP heaveyweight passenger train and depot at Chatsworth, CA
Overland Stage Raiders (1938) The Three Mesquiteers: John Wayne, Ray Corrigan, and Max Terhune 2-6-0 #1828

Padre Contra Hijo (1955) foreign film from Mexico view of SDAE #103
Pal Joey (1957) Rita Hayworth and Frank Sinatra views of Oakland Ferries and Oakland Mole, 4-8-4 #4433
Paradise Express (1937) Grant Withers, Dorothy Appleby, and Arthur Hoyt Filmed on the Santa Paula Branch
Pardners (1956) Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis 2-6-0 #1629
Pardon My Gun (1930) Tom Keene, Sally Starr, and Mona Ray Lone Pine Depot, 2500-class locomotive, baggage car and coach car
Paris, Texas (1984) Harry Dean Stanton view of container train
Pearl Harbor (2001) Ben Affleck and Josh Harnett filmed on former route of SD&AE at Campo, CA; Pacific Southwest Railway Museum
Pee Wee's Big Adventure (1985) Paul Ruebens and Elizabeth Daily Alco S-unit
The Perils of Pauline (1947) Betty Hutton steam locomotive SP 2500, T&NO and SP boxcars
The Phantom Express (1932) William Collier, Jr. and Sally Blane views of the SP boardroom at Los Angeles Central Station at 5th and Alameda, the SP Alhambra Roundhouse, Burbank Tower, and more
Pickup (1951) Hugo Haas, Beverly Michaels, and Alan Nixon Primary movie location is Lang station. Opening scene SP caboose. Several scenes with short tunnel and bridge. End of movie, F-units on 1-803 freight train
The Pigskin Palooka (1937) Little Rascals 4-6-2 #2451
The Pilgrim (1923) Charlie Chaplin Scenes at Saugus depot; SP 2-8-0 steam locomotive #2180 with train
Play Girl (1941) Kay Francis, Margaret Hamilton 2800-class steam locomotive and freight train
Plunder Road (1957) Gene Raymond, Jeanne Cooper, Wayne Morris, and Elisha Cook Jr SP #5408 diesel locomotive
Portrait in Black (1960) Lana Turner and Anthony Quinn their car stops at a grade crossing for a train to pass
Powderkeg (1971) Rod Taylor, Fernando Lamas, movie is about a hijacked passenger train; SP steam locomotive and SP passenger cars at Old Tucson Studios
Prison Break (1938) Barton Maclane and Glenda Farrell Minute 46, brief view of steam locomotive SP 2433 and passenger train
The Purchase Price (1932) Barbara Stanwyck and George Brent SP steam locomotive on point of passenger train makes station stop at depot

No films . .

The Racket (1951) Robert Mitchum 2400-series steam locomotive and a caboose
Rails into Laramie (1954) John Payne and Dan Duryea filmed along the SP Lone Pine Branch east of Mojave; locomotives and cars may be SP as well under the Hollywood paint
Rainbow's End (1935) Hoot Gibson SP gondola car 44768; SP freight train arriving at Chatsworth; portion of Chatsworth depot
The Rainmakers (1935) Bert Wheeler, Robert Woolsey, and Dorothy Lee views of Carriso Gorge
Rancho Grande (1940) Gene Autry ?
Red River (1948) John Wayne and Montgomery Clift depot at Elgin, AZ
Renegade Trail (1939) William Boyd and George "Gabby" Hayes SPNG?
Repo Chick (2009) Jaclyn Jonet, Miguel Sandoval, and Del Zamora portions filmed on Bruce Petty's HO scale, Southern Pacific-themed model railroad
The Return of Casey Jones (1933) Charles Starrett and Ruth Hall SP 2419 steam locomotive, views of turntable and freight cars at Taylor Yard
The Return of Dracula (1958) Francis Lederer and Norma Eberhardt Palms depot
The Return of Draw Egan (1916) William S. Hart and Louise Glaum 4-4-2 #3031
Ride'em Cowboy (1942) Bud Abbot and Lou Costello 4-6-2 #2442
Roarin' Guns (1936) Tim McCoy Chatsworth, CA
The Roaring Twenties (1939) James Cagney 4-6-2
Robin Hood of Texas (1947) Gene Autry ?
The Rockford Files (1974-1980 TV series) James Garner Season 1 Episode 4: The Dark and Bloody Ground; diesel locomotive 5308
Rough Riders Roundup (1939) Roy Rogers and Mary Hart Probably Chatsworth depot at night; several stock images of SP trains
Route 66 (1960-1964 TV series) Martin Milner and George Maharis Across Walnut and Wine: entire episode filmed in Oregon City, OR; brief image of depot in background
Run, Angel, Run (1969) William Smith and Valarie Starrett Diesel switchers, EMD SW and an Alco

Saga of Death Valley (1939) Roy Rogers and George "Gabby" Hayes SPNG 4-6-0 #9
Sand (1920) William S. Hart and Mary Thurman Steam locomotive with whale back tender, possible SPNG
San Quentin (1937) Pat O'Brien and Humphrey Bogart SP 5024 and freight train; SP stock car
Scarecrow (1920) Buster Keaton SP wood boxcar; H&TC wood boxcar
The Second Hundred Years (1967 TV, pilot part 2) Monte Markham depot at Glendale, CA
The Senator was Indiscreet (1947) William Powell and Ella Raines montage of trains traveling the nation, SP steam locomotive 4-6-2 #2417
Sex Kittens Go to College (1960) Mamie Van Dorn, Tuesday Weld, Martin Milner and John Carradine Alco PA on passenger train; freight train; depot probably at Northridge, CA
Shadow of a Doubt (1943) Teresa Wright and Joseph Cotton train arrives, steam locomotie NWP 142; train departs, steam locomotive NWP 140; depot at Santa Rosa, CA
Shadow of a Doubt (1991 TV drama) Mark Harmon E9A #6051 at Petaluma
Shanghai Express (1932) Marlene Dietrich 4-8-2 pulls a passenger train
Sherlock, Jr. (1924) Buster Keaton views of steam locomotives and Chatsworth station
The Showdown (1940) Hopalong Cassidy "movie train" of steam locomotive and old cars at Chatsworth, CA; actual equipment in the background
The Silk Express (1933) Neil Hamilton and Sheila Terry SP 0-6-0 #1079 and SP 4-6-2 #2423
Singing in the Rain (1952) Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor and Debbie Reynolds P.E. Birney car
Sinister Journey (1948) William Boyd and Andy Clyde much of the movie is at Keeler, CA; many views of locomotive SPNG #8, other equipment and the depot
The Sleeper (1912) Richard Wangermann filmed along the SP in Arizona
Slim Carter (1957) Jock Mahoney and Julie Adams streamlined Sunset Limited
Smokey and the Bandit (1977) Burt Reynolds, Sally Fields, and Jackie Gleason The beginning of the movie shows the truck driving through the countryside when it comes across a train at a grade crossing and slams on its brakes. The scene was obviously shot in California, as the cars that go by are SP beet gondolas
Son of Dracula (1943) Lon Chaney, Jr. SP 4307 (MT-class steam locomotive) pulling past the station with Southern Pacific Lines clearly seen, and it is followed by a Great Northern 50 foot wood sheathed express reefer, and then an SP Harriman baggage
Song of Arizona (1946) Roy Rogers SP box car and Chatsworth depot as "Lodestone Arizona"
So's Your Aunt Emma! (1942) Zazu Pitts Brief shot of SP passenger train along coast, about minute 4
Sorority House (1939) Anne Shirley and James Ellison minute 5 and 6, SP passenger train 349 Santa Barabara Local with steam locomotive 4-6-2, two baggage cars and a coach car in Chatsworth, CA
Spacemaster X-7 (1958) Bill Williams, Lyn Thomas, Robert Ellis, Paul Frees Interior of LAUPT, passenger cars and train yard at former Los Angeles Shops
Speak Easily (1932) Buster Keaton and Jimmy Durante Chatsworth depot, steam locomotive, heavyweight passenger car SP 1371
Special Agent (1949) William Eythe SP #1822, 2-6-0 M-9 class steam locomotive, Chatsworth depot, Chatsworth tunnel
Speed Zone (1989) Peter Boyle, John Candy and Donna Dixon GP35 #3308?
Spy Train (1943) Richard Travis and Catherine Craig Opening scene at Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal
Squaw Man (1914) Dustin Farnum passenger train
State Trooper (1956-1959 TV series) Rod Cameron The Cash Out: E7 at high speed and E9 on Sunset Limited #1
State Trooper (1956-1959 TV series) Rod Cameron Cinder Junction: opening scene has view of SP steam locomotive X2361 and SP steel box car
Steamboat Bill, Jr. (1928) Buster Keaton filmed on SP Walut Grove Branch, depot and early beet rack cars
Steel Ribbon (1952) Gene Autry steam locomotive SPNG 9 with freight train
The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle (1939) Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers steam locomotive SP 2123 with a passenger train, probably in Soledad Canyon
The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946) Barbara Stanwyck, Van Heflin, and Kirk Douglas views of 4-8-8-2's
Submarine Alert (1943) Richard Arlen and Wendy Barrie Exterior of PE 2nd Street tunnel in Los Angeles, automobile drives through PE Subway tunnel and rams PE streetcar
Sudden Fear (1952) Joan Crawford and Jack Palance views of GS class steam locomotive
Suddenly (1954) Frank Sinatra and Sterling Hayden F-unit with a few Daylight cars at Saugus
Sullivan's Travels (1941) Joel McCrae and Veronica Lake LAUPT, Santa Paula branch, Chatsworth, and 2-8-0 #2851
Sunset in the West (1950) Gene Autry steam locomotives #2476 and #1503; stock cars, and PFE cars
Sun Valley Serenade (1941) Sonje Henie view of heavyweight passenger train
Susan Slade (1961) Connie Stevens GP diesel locomotive in black widow paint scheme at Monterey depot plus other scenes

Take the High Ground (1953) Richard Widmark and Karl Malden steam locomotive #3271 and several passenger coaches
The Tattered Dress (1957) Jeff Chandler, Jeanne Crain, and Jack Carson Minute 4-10; Alhambra depot, SP trains including F-units in black widow paint scheme, and Glendale depot
Teddy at the Throttle (1917) Gloria Swanson and Wallace Berry passenger train and PE trestle over the future Fletcher Drive
Tell Them Willie Boy Is Here (1969) Robert Blake Blake riding in a 40' steel boxcar with a yellow stripe across the door
Texas Buddies (1932) Bob Steele depot and passenger train
They Call it Sin (1932) Loretta Young passenger train
They Live (1988) Roddy Piper view of diesel freight train
The Thin Man (1934) William Powell and Myrna Loy filmed on sound stage, trains are not SP
This Earth is Mine (1959) Rock Hudson, Jean Simmons, and Claude Rains 2-6-0 #1744 filmed on the Napa Valley Branch
This Gun For Hire (1942) Alan Ladd and VeronicaLake views of Cornfield Yard in Los Angeles
This Land is Mine (1943) Charles Laughton and Maureen O'Hara SP automobile boxcar
3 Godfathers (1948) John Wayne, Pedro Armendariz, and Harry Carey, Jr. SPNG 4-6-0 #9
3:10 to Yuma (1957) Glenn Ford and Van Heflin on the Patagonia branch at Elgin, AZ
Thrill Hunter (1933) Buck Jones double-headed steam locomotive freight train in Santa Susana Pass; steam locomotive #2326; Chatsworth depot as "Hewitt"; small passenger train
Tough Guys (1986) Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas 4-8-4 #4449 pulls a Daylight passenger train
The Trail Beyond (1934) John Wayne ?
Trail of the Lonesome Pine (1936) Henry Fonda, Sylvia Sidney, and Fred MacMurray 4-6-2 #2423
Trains Gone Wild 2 (1924) Our Gang comedy Pacific Electric wooden boxcars
The Twilight Zone (1959-1964 TV series) Inger Stevens Episode 16 - The Hitchhiker: SP 6001 E7 diesel locomotive and passenger train at Chatsworth
Two Tars (1928) Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy 1600 class 2-6-0

The Undercover Man (1949) Glenn Ford and Nina Foch SP GS-4 locomotives in full streamlined trim, an opening scene with a fully streamlined Daylight consist, and in a closing scene with a string of Harriman passenger equipment. Also SP 4-6-2 #2417
Under Siege 2: Dark Territory (1995) Steven Seagal and Eric Bogosian SP diesels pull a passenger train over the DRGW Moffat Route
Union Depot (1932) Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. and Joan Blondell Los Angeles Central Station
Union Station (1950) William Holden and Nancy Olsen LAUPT, 4-8-2 #4337 pulls a passenger train
The Unsuspected (1947) Joan Caufield, Claude Rains, Constance Bennett SP 4444, GS-4 steam locomotive, coming out of tunnel
Used Cars (1980) Kurt Russell number of views of G-100 copper concentrate cars
The Utah Trail (1938) Tex Ritter and Horace Murphy SP Chatsworth depot, area around Santa Susana Pass, and steam locomotive #1739

Vertigo (1958) James Stewart and Kim Novak sign on top of 65 Market Street in San Francisco, "The Friendly"
Violent Saturday (1955) Victor Mature, Lee Marvin, Ernest Borgnine diesel in Daylight scheme pulls a passenger train; filmed near Bisbee, AZ

The Walking Dead (1936) Boris Karloff SP steam locomotive involved in grade crossing accident
Walk Softly, Stranger (1950) Joseph Cotton 4-8-8-2 pulling a freight train
Wee Willie Winkie (1937) Shirley Temple 4-8-4 pulling a passenger train
The West-Bound Limited (1923) John Harron and Ella Hall SP trains used in film, locations at Pacoima and Santa Susana
Western Jamboree (1938) Gene Autry ?
We've Never Been Licked (1943) William Frawley and Noah Berry, Jr. view of TNO Hustler passenger train
What Love Sees (1996 TV drama) Richard Thomas and Annabeth Gish 4-6-0 #2353 at Campo
What the Doctor Ordered (1912) Mabel Normand Mount Lowe Incline and the Alpine Tavern on the Pacific Electric Railway
When the Clouds Roll By (1919) Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. He climbs on to the awning at Los Angeles Central Station
While the City Sleeps (1956) Dana Andrews PE Subway and Hollywood cars substitute for New York City subway
Whispering Smith Speaks (1935) George O'Brien Santa Paula branch, Saugus, AC-5, P-1, and more
White Christmas (1954) Bing Crosby F-units on passenger train on Redlands branch
White Heat (1949) James Cagney and Virginia Mayo 4-6-2 #2440 at Hasson
White Lightening (1973) Burt Reynolds Cotton Belt EMD SW 1500 pulling freight on street trackage
Wide Open Town (1941) William Boyd and Andy Clyde views of SPNG
Wild Boys of the Road (1933) Frankie Darro and Dorothy Coonan 2-10-2 #3745
Wild Seed (1965) Michael Parks and Celia Milius SP boxcars, SP F-units in black widow paint scheme, views of Bullring Yard in Los Angeles
Wings (1927) Charles "Buddy" Rogers and Richard Arlen end of film, homecoming at train station, depot at Glendale, CA
Winners of the West (1940) Dick Foran views of trains
Without Reservations (1946) Claudette Colbert and John Wayne Steam locomotive SP 2417 filmed at Chatsworth, CA;
station of "La Junta, Colorado" was a matte painting imposed over the SP depot
Without Warning (1952) Adam Williams, Meg Randall, Edward Binns, Harlan Warde Set in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Produce Terminal and other sites
Wolves of the Rails (1918) William S. Hart ?
The World Gone Mad (1933) Pat O'Brien and Evelyn Brent stock footage of SP steam locomotive near 1:05:00
World of Comedy (1962) Harold Lloyd compilation of his funniest moments

No films . .

You're Never Too Young (1955) Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis view of GS class 4-8-4

Zorro Rides Again (1937) John Carroll and Helen Christian steam locomotive 2418 and PFE cars