This site is a list of all the known diesel locomotives, electric locomotives, freight cars, passenger cars, maintenance of way equipment, and narrow gauge cars which have been acquired by museums or private parties. Many of the museums and some of the private owners have their own websites. Please visit them for more information.

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January 28, 2024


AE = Arizona Eastern PFE = Pacific Fruit Express
C&C = Carson & Colorado SDAE = San Diego & Arizona Eastern
C/N = construction number SJ&SN = San Joaquin & Sierra Nevada
CP = Central Pacific SP = Southern Pacific
EP&SW = El Paso & Southwestern SPC = South Pacific Coast
GH&SA = Galveston, Harrisburg & San Antonio SPFE = Southern Pacific Fruit Express
LW = Louisiana Western SPMW = Southern Pacific Maintenance of Way
N&C = Nevada & California SPNG = Southern Pacific Narrow Gauge
NWP = Northwestern Pacific SSW = St. Louis Southwestern
O&C = Oregon & California T&NO = Texas & New Orleans.
. VE = Visalia Electric

All standard gauge cabooses may be found on my caboose page.
All narrow gauge cabooses may be found on this page.

PFE 1048 EMD NW2, former Tucson PFE switcher; private owned; Strasburg, Colorado
SP 2406 C415, painted as Locomotora Fundidora 25; on display at Centro, 64000 Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
SP 1120 SW-8, built as 4615; private owner, Chelatchie, WA
SP 1201 ALCO S-6, ex-1034; National Railroad Museum, Green Bay, WI; as CNW 1083
SP 3804 EMD GP9; Petaluma, CA
SP 3885 EMD GP9 low nose, ex 3725, nee 5889; Mt. Hood Railway, OR
SP 4436 EMD SD9E; privately owned; Schellville, CA
SP 5468 EMD SD9E; formerly 5468-3942-4426, now Nevada Northern 204; Ely, NV
SP 7863 GE B30-7; DRG Railway Historical Foundation; South Fork, CO
SPMW 6-C Whitcomb 12 ton Gasoline-Mechanical; Northwest Railway Museum; Snoqualmie, WA
SPNG 1 Little Giant, GE 50 ton narrow gauge; Cananea, Sonora, Mexico (photo evidence Feb 8, 2009)
TNO 379 EMD F7A; Carolina Southern 48; Chadbourn, NC

NWP 335 private property; Redwood Valley, CA

PFE 10077 R-x-x steel refrigerator; private owner in Lodi, CA
PFE 12384 R-x-x; on private property off Taylor Road near Penryn, CA
PFE 250225 R-x-x; part of a museum; Sebastapol, CA
PFE 300944 R-50-6; Hugo Union Pacific Roundhouse; Hugo, CO
SP xxxx x-x-x 40' auto boxcar; Davis, CA
SP xxxx x-x-x 40' auto boxcar; Davis, CA
SP xxxx beet gondola; Pioneers' Park Museum; Imperial, CA
SP 125433 boxcar; Folsom, CA
SP 202250 boxcar; radio station office; Santa Rosa, CA
SPMW 5422 F-x-x 50 foot flat car; Standard Rail Services, Boise, ID
SPMW 5723 Fairmont track inspection car; Petaluma Trolley Museum, Petaluma, CA
SPMW 5840 Industrial Works 120 ton steam wrecker, C/N 4110, built March 1923; Texas State Railroad; Rusk, TX
SPMW 5986 70-B-x baggage car; Austin Steam Train Association; Cedar Park, TX
SPMW 7467 O-x-x tank car; Scotia, CA
SPNG 6 28' boxcar, narrow gauge, SPNG 407; Carson & Colorado Railway Inc.; Diaz Lake, CA
SPNG 42 boxcar; private owner; Bishop, CA
SPNG 84 boxcar; Dayton Valley Historical Society at the Dayton depot; Dayton, NV
SSW 56822 boxcar; Coulterville, CA

Pacific Motor Transport 2819 22' round-nose trailer; currently at Perris, CA; privately owned.

Ferryboat Berkeley built in 1898; San Diego Maritime Museum; San Diego, CA
Ferryboat Eureka built in 1890; San Francisco Maritime National Park; San Francisco, CA
Ferryboat Santa Rosa built in 1927; Hornblower Cruises, Pier 3; San Francisco, CA

Pullman heavyweight 10-compartment sleeper-lounge Mt. Harvard, built in 1923, used on the West Coast;Mid-Continent Railway Museum; North Freedom, WI
Pullman 13 double bedroom sleeper, now Sierra Pelona; private owner
Pullman Solarium-Observation Meadow Lark; Walkersville Southern Railroad; Frederick, MD
Pullman 211 4-4-2 sleeper, later Golden Mission, SP 9110, SPMW 138; private owner
SP Sleeper as 9001; Gold Coast Museum; Miami, FL
SP Articulated chair car, converted into dining car; Columbia Star Dinner Train; Columbia, MO
SP Commute car? Roaring Camp & Big Trees; Felton, CA
SP 99 business car Houston; PPCX 800222
SP 100 business car Airslie; private owner, North Carolina
SP 107 business car Del Monte; formerly Henry Huntington's private car San Marino and operating as same; private owner
SP 125 business car Coast; built in 1911, retired as SPMW 5451 in 1968; private owner
SP 128 business car Santa Rosa, formerly EP&SW 500 business car built in 1917, to SP to Yreka Western 68 to Kyle 13 to private owner as RPCX 415 Niles;
Oregon Pacific Railroad; Golf Junction Park, Milwaukie, Oregon
SP 131 business car Los Angeles; formerly NWP 1 Redwood; now PPCX 800385 in charter service for American Association of Private Railroad Car Owners (AAPRCO)
SP 132 business car City of Sparks; built in 1911 for the Houston Division Superintendent; Victorian Square; Sparks, NV
SP 140 business car Stanford; Railroading Heritage of Midwest America; Silvis, IL
SP 142 business car Santa Barbara; spur next to depot; owned by City; Santa Barbara, CA
SP 151 business car Pine Bluff; formerly EP&SW coach built in 1914; private owner
SP 204 x-x-x lounge car; owner unknown
SP 401 City of San Francisco chair car Montgomery Street SF-407; museum at Yreka, CA
SP City of San Francisco 4-4-2 sleeper Civic Center 4069F; private owner
SP 84 wooden coach, later SP 1643, SPMW 1391; Yuma Crossing National Park; Yuma, AZ
SP 1024 Combination coach, former coach O&C 3001 built in 1883 (?); Douglas County Museum, Oregon
SP 2105 72-IC-1 interurban coach; Redwood Coast Railway Museum; Willits, CA
SP 2110 72-IC-1 interurban coach; Folsom, CA
SP 2153 72-IC-2 interurban coach; Williams, AZ
SP 2351 x-x-x car, Amtrak 4841; private owner
SP 2355 x-x-x lightweight car, Amtrak 4842; private owner near Napa, CA
SP 2358 x-x-x lightweight car, Amtrak 4841; private owner near Napa, CA
SP 2361 x-x-x lightweight car, Amtrak 4846
SP 2360 83-C-3 40 seat coach newsstand, segregated coach, T&NO 433, SP 2221; private owner
SP 2360? x-x-x car, SP 217; UP mobile office
SP 2364 83-C-3 44 seat coach; private owner; leased to The Redwood Adventurer
SP 2378 83-C-3 44 seat coach Golden Sand; owned by Illinois Transit Assembly
SP 2383 x-x-x car, Amtrak 7504; now an office in South San Francisco
SP 2387 x-x-x car, Amtrak 7508; private owner
SP 2389 x-x-x car, Amtrak 7509; private owner
SP 2392 x-x-x lightweight chair car, now 510, Amtrak 7510; private owner near Healdsburg, CA
SP 2395 x-x-x lightweight chair car, now 511, Amtrak 7511; private owner in Los Angeles, CA
SP 2396 x-x-x car, now SP 219?; private owner
SP 2439 79-C-1 coach with baggage elevator, now Amtrak 7515; Kern County Museum, Bakersfield, CA
SP 2955 Observation car built in 1941 for Coast Daylight; owned by Northwest Rail Museum; Snoqualmie, WA
SP 2486 x-x-x; Antelope Valley Model Railroad Club; Lancaster, CA
SP 2498-2499 64-ACW-2 articulated coach, former TNO 502-503; being restored for use by Montana Rail Link
SP 2981 83-L-1 club lounge with barbershop Overland Trail; private owner
SP 2986 83-L-1 lounge assigned to City of San Francisco, to Instruction Car SP 206 in 1971, to Instruction Car SP 216 in 1975, restored as lounge in 1984; Durham Museum; Omaha, NE
SP 2987 83-L-2 French Quarter lounge, SP 291; Amtrak private car number 800492
SP 2992 83-L-x French Quarter lounge, Amtrak 3113; Tennessee Central Railway Museum
SP 3103 83-BD-2 baggage-dormitory, T&NO 301, SP 3103; private owner
SP 3104 83-BD-2 baggage-dormitory, T&NO 302, SP 3104, SP 250; FRA Track Test Car
SP 3106 83-BD-2 baggage-dormitory, T&NO 304, SP 3106; Quad Graphics Silver Express
SP 3602 dome lounge (no class), rebuilt 1955 from SP 10311; to Amtrak 9371; now private owner
SP 3603 dome lounge (no class), rebuilt 1955 from SP 10310; to Amtrak 9372; now Panama Canal Railway
SP 3604 dome lounge (no class), rebuilt 1955 from SP 3000; to Amtrak 9373, to Minnesota Dinner Train, to Alamosa, CO; now Aberdeen, Carolina & Western ACWR 9373
SP 3605 dome lounge (no class), to Amtrak 9374, to Royal Gorge Route 9374; now Canadian Pacific "Selkirk" as part of the Heritage Fleet
SP 5132 x-x-x Railway-Post Office; Toledo, OR; NRHS - Yaquina Pacific Chapter
SP 66xx 66-B-1, economy baggage; NWP South Bay Depot; Fields Landing, CA
SP 6673 66-B-1, economy baggage; private owner
SP 6701 66-B-2 economy baggage, as SPMW 6029; Tyler, TX
SP 6715 66-B-2 economy baggage; private owner; McClellan AFB, CA
SP 6717 66-B-2 economy baggage; private owner
SP 6729 66-B-2 economy baggage; private owner; McClellan AFB, CA
SP 6738 66-B-2 economy baggage; DRCX 6738; Copper Canyon excursions by South Orient Express
SP 6792 66-B-2 economy baggage; railroad heritage park; Liberal, Kansas
SP 6798 66-B-2 economy baggage; private owner
SP 8002 x-x-x solarium car Mission Santa Ynez, private owner
SP 8351 Pullman Bernadotte 12-1 sleeper built 1920, rebuilt 1940 Clover Colony 8-5 sleeper; owned by the Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum
SP 9009 Budd 10-6 sleeper on the Sunset Limited, later SP 292; private owner
SP 9012 Budd 10-6 sleeper, now TCRX 103 with porch; private owner at Tennessee Central Railway Museum
SP 9020 Budd 10-6 sleeper, later Amtrak Birch Grove 2451; private owner
SP 9021 "Magnolia Grove" 10-6 sleeper car built by Budd in 1950. Later AMTK #2444. Owned by the Friends of 4449; Portland, OR
SP 9201 "Rincon Hill" 10-5 sleeper car built for the City of San Francisco; private owner
SP 10213 83-C-3, 48-seat diner, Amtrak 8528; Hocking Valley Scenic Railway; Nelsonville, Ohio
SP 10277-10279 Tavern Lounge "Lark Club" triple-unit; built by Pullman in 1941; Grapevine Vintage Railroad; Grapevine, TX
SP 10409 83-DL-2 Pride of Texas coffee shop diner-lounge; private owner
SP 10410 83-DL-2 Pride of Texas coffee shop diner-lounge; Vista Dome Adventures Silver Glacier
SP 21870 not an SP car, former Pennsylvania BMKA70 baggage car in SP paint; Springfield Chamber of Commerce, Springfield, OR

Brooks, OR
SPMW 328 wooden-body flanger, ex 7328, built November 1945; on loan by PNWC-NRHS
SPMW 4057 Jordan Spreader, builders plate 582; on loan by PNWC-NRHS
SPMW 7020 Bucyrus-Erie 160 ton steam wrecker, C/N 9869, built September 1928, ex 7005, ex 680

Chandler, AZ
SP 60157 O-50-14 tank car
SPMW 5984 heavy tool car, being restored to horse-baggage
SPMW 7130 Industrial Works 120 steam wrecker, C/N 2250, built 1910, former 7028
SPMW 7131 120 ton steam wrecker tool car

Pine Bluff, Arkansas
SP x-x-x baggage car, as 1942 tool car
SP 6616 66-B-1 economy baggage car, as 1944 power car
SP 7012 Alco RSD12 as West Tennessee 2054; private owner
SP 9356 13 bedroom Pullman Standard, may have operated on the Lark, as 306
SSW 5006 EMD GP30
SSW 96005 Industrial Brownhoist 200 ton steam wrecker, C/N 11037, built 1940
SSWMW 5682 boom car
SSWMW 98501 generator flat car
SSWMW 96216 tool car
SSWMW 94129 kitchen car
SSWMW 96209 crew sleeper
Tender to engine SSW 814 .

300 Robert Drive, Willits, CA
PFE 10265 R-40-27
PFE 11363 R-40-27

West Channel Road north of California Court
SP 2433 77-C-3
SP xxxx 77-C-3
SP 5xxx RPO-baggage Budd car, built in 1950
SP 5xxx RPO-baggage Budd car; built in 1950

Black Butte, CA
PFE 55524 R-x-x; built for Western Pacific Railroad
SP 109 wood business car "Shasta"; originally built in 1888

Sacramento, CA
The Sacramento Southern (SS) is a tourist railroad associated with the museum.
diesel locomotives
SP 1000 EMC SW1
SP 5208 Baldwin DRS66-1500
SP 6051 EMD E9A
SP 6402 EMD F7A
SP 6819 EMD SD45T-2, SP 9193, SP 6819
SP 8219 EMD F7B, SP 8103, SP 6151C
freight cars
PFE 300001 R-70-7 mechanical refrigerator car
SP 60167 O-50-14, ex 47703
SP 60168 O-50-14, ex 47704
SP 513300 single unit double stack car; first car of this type, it was built by ACF in 1977
SPNG 145 tank car
SPNG 331 box car
maintenance of way
SDAE 1003 fire engine and trailer, built by Ford in 1931
SP 137 dynamometer car
SP 318 snow flanger
SP 1564 water car, Vanderbilt tender, SP 2330
SP 2510 scale test car built in 1908
SP 7070 Bucyrus-Erie 250 ton steam wrecker, C/N 36046, built April 1945, former 2nd 7014
SP 7071 idler car
SP 7080 Industrial Works 120 ton steam wrecker, built August 1912, C/N 2348, former 7020, 7025, 616
SP 7081 boom flatcar
SP side dump car, SPMW 5100 series
SPMW flat car; in CSRM maintenance of way service
passenger cars
Central Pacific 12 wooden coach built in 1869 by the Wason Manufacturing Company; present at Promontory, Utah, on May 10, 1869
NWP 458 60-C-5 heavyweight coach, later SP 1012
"SP 71" not SP, actually Sierra #3 Stanislaus, wood coach built in 1897
SP 219 lightweight instruction car, former coach SP 2396
SP 290 83-D-3 Audubon 48 seat diner, lightweight, SP 10214
SP 291 83-L-2 French Quarter lounge, lightweight, SP 2987
SP 2170 60-C-9 heavyweight coach, LW 832; as SS 2170
SP 2175 60-C-9 heavyweight chair car, former 60-C-9 coach, GHSA 837; as SS 2175
SP 3178 60 foot combine
SP 6009 40-BP-15 heavyweight baggage-RPO, T&NO 250
SP 10026 77-D-6 heavyweight dining car

Railtown 1897
Operated at the Sierra Railway Shops; Jamestown, CA
It is a division of the California State Railroad Museum
CP 43 coach, later CP 1133, built by Wason in 1869, Sierra Ry. 2, used in movie service
PFE wood refrigerator car, class R-30-5 or 6, later Pickering supply car MW 24
SP 2087 72-IC-1 interurban coach, now Sierra Ry. 16
SP 2098 72-IC-1 interurban coach, now Sierra Ry. 15
SP 2139 72-IC-1 interurban coach, now Sierra Ry. 12
SP 2140 72-IC-1 interurban coach, now Sierra Ry. 14, presently on loan to CSRM in Sacramento
SP 2901 72-O-x observation, now Sierra Ry. 2901
SP 6755 66-B-2 economy baggage, Sierra Ry. 100
SP 69xx tea and silk baggage car, wood body, body only
SP 20838 box car (underframe only), Sierra Ry. flat car 325
Sierra Ry 611 Carter Brothers 1884 Mail-Express, former NWP 611;
acquired for movie service, trucks removed circa 1950; gift of Sierra RR, August 1982

San Jose, CA
SP 2085 72-IC-1 heavyweight interurban coach
SP 2155 72-IC-3 heavyweight interurban coach

Eastern California Museum; Independence, CA
SPNG 1C wood boxcar
SP 6 wood box car
SPNG 15 wood boxcar
SP 73 wood perlite car

Portland, OR
DLMX 4219 former AC-10 4219 tender, cut-down to run as extra water car behind steam locomotive SP 4449
SP 5000 x-x-x RPO car, SP 5000, SPMW 9997?, now DLMX 5000

Duncan Mills, CA
NWP 201 wooden electric trailer coach, former North Shore 101
Petaluma & Santa Rosa 100 wood boxcar, ex-66
Petaluma & Santa Rosa 102 wood boxcar, ex-68

Fillmore, CA
SP 667808 B-50-30 boxcar

Fillmore, CA
PFE 11403 R-40-27 steel ice refrigerator car; owned by Santa Clara River Valley Railroad Historical Society
SP 1059 Alco S6; as FWRY 1059
SP 4009 Alco RS32, SP 7309
SP 10204 83-DL-1 lightweight diner Golden Trencher
SP 667808 B-50-30 boxcar
Salt Lake, Garfield & Western D. S. 4 Alco S-6; ex-SP 1207

Galveston, TX
SP 1303 EMD NW2R, ex TNO 83
SP 6443 EMD F7A
SP 34828 B-40-6 box car, 40' truss rod

Schellville, CA
diesel locomotives
"SP 1487" FM H12-44, Army Switcher 1874 from Hawthorne, NV; as SP tiger-stripe, never an SP engine
SP 3194 EMD GP9
SP 6378 EMD F7A, Louisiana Northwestern 46; Wellsville, Addison, and Galeton 2100; SP 6378
SP 6380 EMD F7A, Louisiana Northwestern 45; Wellsville, Addison, and Galeton 2000; SP 6380
passenger cars
SP 141 business car Oakland
SP 293 83-C-5 coach, SP 2356; built for Shasta Daylight
SP 2097 72-IC-1 interurban coach
SP 2143 72-IC-2 interurban coach
SP 2156 72-IC-3 interurban coach
SP 2360 83-C-5; built for Shasta Daylight
SP 2979 x-x-x lounge; rebuilt in 1940 from 75-CS-2 baggage buffet SP 3132
SP 5131 70-BP-30-1 baggage-RPO, SPMW 7082 relief tender
SP 6708 66-B-2 economy baggage
SP 6717 66-B-2 economy baggage
SP 6752 66-B-2 economy baggage
SP 6784 66-B-2 economy baggage

Williams, AZ
SP 2089 72-IC-1 interurban coach
SP 2092 72-IC-1 interurban coach
SP 2104 72-IC-1 interurban coach
SP 2111 72-IC-1 interurban coach
SP 2115 72-IC-1 interurban coach
SP 2117 72-IC-1 interurban coach
SP 2119 72-IC-1 interurban coach
SP 2120 72-IC-1 interurban coach
SP 2121 72-IC-1 interurban coach
SP 2128 72-IC-1 interurban coach
SP 2130 72-IC-1 interurban coach
SP 2133 72-IC-1 interurban coach
SP 2135 72-IC-1 interurban coach
SP 2142 72-IC-1 interurban coach
SP 2145 72-IC-2 interurban coach
SP 2152 72-IC-2 interurban coach
SP 2158 72-IC-3 interurban coach

Owned by Martin Hansen; Klamath Falls, OR
SP 1803 Harriman coach; McCloud, CA (?)
SP steam wrecking crane; 120-ton Brownhoist;
SP wrecking crane idler car;
SP baggage car

Union, Illinois
PFE 68428 R-40-24 wood refrigerator car, rebuilt with Preco fan
SP 1518 EMD SD7; the first SD7 and also demonstrator unit EMD 990

8901 Willow Lane, Joshua Tree, CA
SP 5217 80-BH-1 heavyweight baggage-RPO
SPMW 5535 heavyweight 12-1 sleeper Red Oak, used on the San Francisco Overland

Philadelphia, PA
The company rebuilds cars and locomotives for specific niche markets
SP 9022 x-x-x 10-6 sleeper, Amtrak 2446 Cypress Grove
SP 2991 83-L-2 French Quarter lounge, Amtrak 3114

New Haven, Kentucky
SP 2359 x-x-x lightweight coach, Amtrak 4815
SP 10202 x-x-x lightweight dining car

La Habra, CA
PFE 10418 R-40-27 steel refrigerator car
SP 177381 B-50-28 boxcar; former "yellow stripe" cars with the 10-foot doors
SP 191960 B-50-26 boxcar; former "yellow stripe" cars with the 10-foot doors

Laws, CA
All equipment is three-foot narrow gauge
C&C 1 wood caboose
C&C 7 wood boxcar
SP 5 wood boxcar
SP 13 wood boxcar
SP 17 wood boxcar
SP 19 wood boxcar
SP 23 wood boxcar
SP 45 wood boxcar
SP 47 wood boxcar
SP 57 wood boxcar
SP 67 wood boxcar
SP 77 wood boxcar
SP 87 wood boxcar
SP 132 wood combination stock-boxcar
SP 166 wood stock car
SP 339 wood gondola
SP 401 wood caboose; San Joaquin & Sierra Nevada Railroad 1009

Frisco, TX
SP 2379 Fairbanks Morse H12-44, SP 1581
SP Pullman 12-1 heavyweight sleeper Goliad

St. Louis, MO
SP 5233 Baldwin AS616
SSW 71 wood baggage/mail car built in 1905, 60 foot car with 15 foot mail section

Portland, OR
SP 1498 Alco S12, ex TNO 121, ex TNO 2124
SP 3300 77-CB-1 chair/baggage with Challenger truck, renamed Gillespie
SP 5335 rebuilt steel boxcar, originally wood with steel braces, built in 1925
SPMW 570 Davenport 20 ton diesel shop switcher, operated at Oakland Shops and Brooklyn Shops; built 8/1941 as US Army 7706

Medford Railroad Park; Medford, OR
SP 6799 66-B-2 economy baggage car
SP 191405 B-x-x 40' box car
SP 541254 F-50-12 flat car
SPMW 330 wood flanger
TNO 911 72-D-1, the first all-steel dining car built for the SP system

Alturas, CA
NCO 12 wooden combine car
NCO 22 wooden mail express car
NCO 72 wooden baggage mail car
NCO (probably 501) wooden refrigerator car
NCO 518 wooden boxcar; former Florence & Cripple Creek
SP (unknown) former wooden standard gauge boxcar

Nevada City, CA
SPNG 26 box car; Nevada-California-Oregon 507; Florence & Cripple Creek 507
SPNG 233 gondola; SP 503
SPNG 255 flat car; SP 472

Boulder City, NV
CP 1182 60-C-4 heavyweight coach, T&NO 735
CP 1208 60-C-5 heavyweight coach, AE 514
CP 1240 60-C-3 heavyweight lounge
O&C 1014 x-x-x wood coach, former SPMW 921, former O&C 17 built 1883 by Harlan & Hollingsworth
Lake Tahoe Railway & Transportation Company wooden baggage car #24; former SP1324, SP 2041, SP 24; N-C-O maintenance way bunk car
SP 2041 60-C-6 heavyweight coach

Carson City, NV
C&C 3 smoker-baggage-mail car
C&C 303 Lamothe patented pipe box car
GH&SA 9133 28' box car
SP 3156 x-x-x wood Harriman standard coach-baggage-mail, AE 401
SP 83302 40' wood box car, built 1899
SPMW 5323 F-50-12, with locomotive crane
SPNG 4 box car
SPNG 8 combine
SPNG 159 stock car
SPNG 162 stock car
SP of California 14366 28' box car, SP 1626
Virginia & Truckee 17 coach car, former V&T 25, former Central Pacific Commissioner's Car; likely at Promontory, Utah in 1869

Fallbrook, CA
All of the equipment is three-foot narrow gauge
C&C 2 private car of Yerington and Laws; built by V&T in 1882
SPMW 38 narrow gauge work trailer
SPNG 54 boxcar
SPNG 467 caboose, was burned in a fire, only frame and hardware

Petaluma, CA
CP 29 Originally CP29, a wooden coach built in 1869. Subsequently numbered SP1121, NWP123, NWPMW242. Car is under restoration.
NWP 605 wooden baggage car built about 1892; car is under restoration
P&SR 2 wooden boxcar; under evaluation for restoration

Garibaldi, OR
SP 2124 72-IC-1 interurban coach; at Yreka, CA
SP 2127 72-IC-1 interurban coach; as OCSR 2127 "Wilson River"
SP 2138 72-IC-1 interurban coach; at Yreka, CA

Niles Canyon Railway; Sunol, CA
diesel locomotives
SP 1218 Alco S6, ex Foster Farms, ex SP 1218, nee 1051
SP 1423 EMD NW2
SP 4630 EMD SW900, painted as SP 1195. Originally SP 4630, ex SP 1176, ex SP 1195, and ex Richmond Pacific 1195.
SP 5472 EMD SD9, ex 4423
SP 5623 EMD GP9, torpedo passenger version; private owners
SP 9010 Krauss Maffei ML-4000, SP 8799, SP 9010, SP 9113, SPMW 1166 camera car
freight cars
PFE 10591 R-40-27 steel refrigerator car
PFE 301037 R-50-6 mechanical refrigerator car; privately owned
SP 32228 B-50-15 wood boxcar, SPMW 1342
SP B-50-16 wood boxcar, SPMW 2622
SP 100752 B-50-27 boxcar, SPMW 6924
SP 693558 B-70-57 steel boxcar
SP 693772 B-70-57 steel boxcar
maintenance of way
SP 7111 idler flat
SP 7113 Bucyrus-Erie 250 ton steam wrecker (converted to diesel), C/N 35073;
built April 1945, former 7010, 2nd 7025, operated on the Los Angeles Division
passenger cars
AE 453 60-CB-1 heavyweight coach baggage, being restored, painted as SP 3176
SP 121 heavyweight business car Western, built in 1903
SP 139 heavyweight business car Sacramento, built for EP&SW in 1923
SP 1949 60-C-4 heavyweight coach
SP 1975 x-x-x heavyweight All Day Lunch car, former 60-C-5 coach
SP 2101 72-IC-1 heavyweight interurban coach
SP 2114 72-IC-1 heavyweight interurban coach
SP 2154 72-IC-2 heavyweight interurban coach
SP 2473-2474 66-ACM-2/66-ACW-2 articulated chair coach, Algoma Central 459-458
SP 5002 83-BP-30-1 lightweight baggage-mail-RPO
SP 5045 77-BP-60-RPO, rebuilt 1954 from 77-D-9 diner 10141, SPMW 7032, SPMW 7102
SP 5123 70-BP-30-2SP heavyweight baggage-RPO, SPMW 7072
SP 6235 60-B-10 baggage, CP 6235
SP 6706 66-B-2 economy baggage (lettered NCBX 296)
SP 6719 66-B-2 economy baggage; converted to generator car with bar and bathrooms
SP 10040 77-D-6 heavyweight dining car, O&C 10040
SP 10280-81-82 70-ADL-4/57-ADL-2/70-ADL-3 triple-unit diner Cascade Club
Yosemite Valley 107 40' RPO 40-BP-15, formerly T&NO 193;

A division of Pacific Railroad Society
Equipment is stored at Saunders Yard in Commerce, CA, unless otherwise noted
SP 2397 83-C-1 lightweight 48-seat chair car built in 1949; stored at Orange Empire Railway Museum
SP 2467-2468 x-x-x lightweight articulated chair car built in 1941; stored at Orange Empire Railway Museum
SP 3302 79-CB-1 lightweight coach/baggage built in 1939
SP 6615 66-B-1 economy baggage built in 1960
SP 6697 66-B-1 economy baggage built in 1960
SP 6721 66-B-2 economy baggage built in 1962; Great Northern Railcar; Corona, CA
SP 6796 66-B-2 economy baggage built in 1962

Campo, CA
NWPMW 849 O-x-x tank car, NWP 849?
PFE 300010 R-70-7 mechanical refrigerator car
SDAE 050 wood business car Carriso Gorge
SP 6700 66-B-1 economy baggage; lettered as SDAE 6700
SDAE MW 1084 B-50-18 box car, SP 115067
SDAE MW 1086 B-50-18 box car
SDAE MW 1215 F-50-13 flat car
SP 2693 60-CC-2 heavyweight coach, GHSA 554, TNO 554
SP 4004 Alco RS-32, SP 7304
SSW 3873 EMD GP9; as "SP 3873", was never an SP locomotive and never had the black widow paint scheme
PFE 11207 R-40-27 steel refrigerator car; at the La Mesa depot; La Mesa, CA

Colorado Springs, CO
SP 6777 66-B-2 economy baggage, painted as Rock Island 4363
SP 10400 83-DL-2, SPMW 7137, now MRCX 10400, former Daylight coffee shop car

Burbank, CA
SP 2988 83-L-2 French Quarter lounge
SP 9011 x-x-x 10-6 sleeper; Amtrak 2453 Cedar Grove
SP 9013 x-x-x 10-6 sleeper

Rocklin, CA
SP 3606 x-x-x lightweight 3/4 lounge-dome, ex TNO 950
SP 5218 x-x-x heavyweight RPO-baggage
SP 225524 x-x-x boxcar
SP 242700 x-x-x boxcar

406 East Commercial Street, Willits, CA
PFE 11361 R-40-27
Pacific Motor Transport 250093N trailer

203 Bexar Avenue, Elmendorf TX
SP 127 Alamo business car; built by Pullman in 1926 for the GH&SA as the Alamo 999
SSW Dixie built by Pullman in 1910 as a Parlor Car; rebuilt as a business car in 1953

located in the former SP freight depot; San Luis Obispo, CA
Pacific Motor Trucking 3009 22' round-nose trailer, built in 1934 by Trailmobile
SP 28148 B-50-13 wood boxcar
SP 358973 G-x-x, sugar beet gondola
SPMW CS-25A tank car
SPMW Handcar, built by Sheffield Car Co.
SPMW 7579RC Fairmont car model MT-19a, built in 1976
SPMW Velocipede, built by Sheffield Car Co.

Ardenwood Regional Preserve; Fremont, CA
All equipment is three-foot narrow gauge
NWP 5499 28' flatcar, 15 ton capacity; North Shore 1725, SPC?
NWP 5591 caboose; NWP 6101; NPC 2; North Shore
SPNG 10 28' boxcar, 20 ton capacity; SPNG 445, SPC 492, Oregonian 246
SPNG 42 28' boxcar, 10 ton capacity; SPC 444, Oregonian 170
SPNG 443 28' boxcar, 10 ton capacity; SPC 472, Oregonian 230
SPNG 455 duckbill roof caboose; SPC 47
SPNG 1010 28' combine; N&C 16, SPNG 1010, SPC 1010, SP of Cal 1010, SJ&SN?

formerly Orange Empire Railway Museum; Perris, CA
diesel locomotives
SP 1006 EMD SW1
SP 1474 Alco S4
SP 1550 Baldwin S12, SP 2157
SP 2954 Alco RSD12, SP 7004
SP 2958 Alco RSD12, SP 7008
SP 3100 GE U25B, SP 7508, 6708, 6800 Bicentennial unit
freight cars
PFE 20305 R-30-13 wood refrigerator car
PFE 43535 R-40-10 steel refrigerator car
SP 358835 G-?-? sugar beet gondola car
SP 541411 F-50-16 flat car
SPMW 1354 B-50-15 wood supply box car, SP 20451
SPMW 7090 Industrial Works 120 steam wrecker, C/N 2347, built July 1912, former 7024, CP 615
SPMW 7091 relief tender
SPNG 11 box car
SPNG 157 stock car
SPNG 173 stock car
SPNG 216 gondola
SPNG 223 gondola
SPFE 454038 R-70-16 mechanical refrigerator car
passenger cars
SDAE 175 x-x-x heavyweight baggage-coach
SP 122 wood business car Sacramento
SP 485 trailer coach, former NWP
SP 2144 72-IC-1 heavyweight interurban coach
SP 6340 60-B-2 heavyweight baggage car
SPNG 5 wood first class coach; as Grizzly Flats Railroad
SPNG 10 wood business car Esmerelda
SPNG 39 wood second-class coach

Woodland, CA
SP 10 Rail Diesel Car (RDC-1) built by Budd. Only one ever owned by SP

A Commercial Real Estate Development, Interpreting by Historical Preservation the Dawn of the Machine Age in West Texas
9300 US-290; Austin, TX 78736
SP 10408 83-DL-2 Pride of Texas lightweight coffee shop diner-lounge; Amtrak 8321
TNO 223 83-BP-30-2, RPO car

Samoa, CA
NWP 06 business car Redwood
NWP 460 coach; later NWPMW 211
SP 2091 72-IC-1 interurban coach
SP 2095 72-IC-1 interurban coach
SP 2106 72-IC-1 interurban coach
SP 2148 72-IC-2 interurban coach
SP 10121 dining car, originally EP&SW 873 dining car; later NWPMW 903

Chiloquin, Oregon
SP 51502 x-x-x flat car
SP x-x-x flat car
SPMW 206 rotary snow plow
SPMW flanger
SPMW 4047 Jordan Spreader

Griffith Park; Los Angeles, CA
SP 2513 60-CC-1 heavyweight chair car
SP 300036 B-50-14 box car
SPNG 1 wood boxcar
SPNG 12 wood baggage and mail
SPNG 163 wood stock car

Truckee, CA
SP 210 rotary snow plow, SP 7210; built by Alco in 1937
SP 9053 4140D 10-6 blunt end sleeper
SPMW 7050 Bucyrus-Erie 160 ton steam wrecker, C/N 10985, built June 1930; former 7007, 7011, 691

Agricultural Products; Chemurgic, CA
PFE 1 GE 44 ton locomotive which operated at Roseville; as Turlock Western 26
SP 1533 EMD SD7R
SP 4371 EMD SD9E
SP 4401 EMD SD9
SP 4409 EMD SD9
SP 7523 EMD SD45R
SP 7632 EMD GP40-2

Ogden Union Station; Ogden, Utah
SP 3769 EMD GP9E
SP 7457 EMD SD45, SP 8800

Virginia City, NV
NWP 37 wooden combine, originally a coach, former San Francisco & North Pacific 37; being used as the ticket office
NWP 38 wooden coach, former San Francisco & North Pacific 38; in coach yard awaiting restoration
SP 1165 60-foot steel coach, built in 1910; became SP7034E crane tender in 1952; awaiting restoration

Portola, CA
diesel locomotives
SP 1100 EMD TR6A
SP 2873 EMD GP9, T&NO 443, SP 3565, SP 3798
SP 4404 EMD SD9, 5428, 3906
SP 4450 EMD SD9, SP 5363, SP 3822
Oregon & Northwestern Railroad 3 Baldwin AS-616; SP 5274
Oregon & Northwestern Railroad 4 Baldwin AS-616; SP 5253
freight and passenger cars
PFE 11454 R-40-27 steel refrigerator car
PFE 52138 R-30-13 wood refrigerator car
PFE 55333 R-30-13 wood refrigerator car
PFE 100468 R-40-30 mechanical refrigerator car, later 190468
SP 358262 sugar beet gondola
SP 358646 sugar beet gondola
SP 359246 sugar beet gondola
SSW 23908 x-x-x box car
WPMW 37-7 heavyweight 12-1 sleeper; SP 8334: SPMW 3503

Rio Vista Junction, CA
PFE 74583 R-30-16 wooden refrigerator car
SP 2093 72-IC-1 heavyweight interurban coach
SP 2113 72-IC-1 heavyweight interurban coach
SP 150340 G-x-x drop bottom gondola with wood siding
SPMW 7030 Industrial Works 120 ton steam wrecker, C/N 2248, purchased June 1910, former 7015, 7005, and CP 680
SPMW 7031 boom car
VE 502 GE 44-ton diesel locomotive
Pennisular Railway 52 wooden streetcar
Pennisular Railway 61 wooden streetcar
Southern Pacific 358 steel suburban electric coach
Southern Pacific 600 steel suburban electric coach-baggage
Southern Pacific 602 steel suburban electric coach-baggage
Southern Pacific 603 steel suburban electric coach-baggage

Flint, TX
As of December 2011, all cars were for sale as a package deal
SP 2352 x-x-x lightweight 48-seat coach; built by Pullman in 1954; Amtrak 4840
SP 2375 x-x-x lightweight 44-seat coach; built by Budd in 1950; Amtrak 4388
SP 9008 x-x-x 10-6 lightweight sleeper, built by Budd in 1950; Amtrak 2687
SP 9010 x-x-x 10-6 lightweight sleeper
SP 63142 x-x-x boxcar; built in 1964

SP 67xx 66-B-2 economy baggage, built by PC&F in 1961, as Alaska 110
SP 6734 66-B-2 economy baggage, built by PC&F in 1961, as Alaska 111

SP 2363 83-C-3 segregated "Jim Crow" 32 seat coach-bar-lounge, T&NO 436, SP 2224, Amtrak 3903
SP 2365 83-C-3 44 seat coach, T&NO 438, SP 2226, Amtrak 1709
SP 2368 83-C-3 44 seat coach, T&NO 441, SP 2229, Amtrak 4007
SP 2372 83-C-3 44 seat coach, T&NO 445, SP 2233, Amtrak 1740
SP 2376 83-C-3 44 seat coach, T&NO 449, SP 2237, Amtrak 1725
SP 2989 83-L-2 French Quarter lounge, Amtrak 8700
SP 9005 x-x-x 10-6 sleeper, Amtrak 2456 Willow Grove
SP 9014 x-x-x 10-6 sleeper, Amtrak 2450 Beech Grove
SP 9015 x-x-x 10-6 sleeper, Amtrak 2452 Orange Grove
SP 9018 x-x-x 10-6 sleeper, Amtrak 2447 Sycamore Grove
SP 10210 83-D-3 48 seat diner, Amtrak 8526
SP 10212 83-C-3 48 seat diner, Amtrak 8527
SP 2362 83-C-4 44 seat coach, Amtrak 4017
SP 2363 83-C-4 44 seat coach, Amtrak 1726
SP 2366 83-C-4 44 seat coach, Amtrak 1727
SP 2368 83-C-4 44 seat coach, Amtrak 4012
SP 2369 83-C-4 44 seat coach, Amtrak 4649
SP 2370 83-C-4 44 seat coach, Amtrak 4009
SP 2371 83-C-4 44 seat coach, rebuilt to Amtrak 1721 baggage
SP 2372 83-C-4 44 seat coach, Amtrak 1723
SP 2373 83-C-4 44 seat coach, Amtrak 4005
SP 2374 83-C-4 44 seat coach, Amtrak 1722
SP 2375 83-C-4 44 seat coach, Amtrak 4438
SP 2376 83-C-4 44 seat coach, Amtrak 1724

SP 2359 83-C-3 segregated "Jim Crow" 32 seat coach-bar-lounge, T&NO 432, SP 2220, VIA 4117
SP 2362 83-C-3 segregated "Jim Crow" coach, 32 seat coach-bar-lounge, T&NO 435, SP 2223, VIA 4116
SP 2364 83-C-3 44 seat coach, T&NO 437, SP 2225, VIA 4105
SP 2366 83-C-3 44 seat coach, T&NO 439, SP 2227, VIA 4106
SP 2367 83-C-4 44 seat coach, VIA 189
SP 2369 83-C-3 44 seat coach, T&NO 442, SP 2230, VIA 4107
SP 2371 x-x-x 44 seat coach, T&NO 444, SP 2232, VIA 4108
SP 2375 x-x-x 44 seat coach, T&NO 448, SP 2236, VIA 4109
SP 2448 x-x-x 10-6 sleeper Oak Grove, SP 9004, Amtrak 2684, VIA unknown
SP 2449 x-x-x 10-6 sleeper Maple Grove, SP 9006, Amtrak 2686 VIA unknown
SP 2455 x-x-x 10-6 sleeper Elm Grove, SP 9000, Amtrak 2680, VIA unknown